Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero

Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero is an Assistant Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, where he specializes in Evolutionary Psychology and Education. Prior to this role, he held positions as a Lecturer at Alfonso X the Wise University and Nebrija University, where he also managed final degree projects and student affairs. His academic journey began at the International University of La Rioja, where he served as a Lecturer. Sánchez-Cabrero holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences and a prior Ph.D. in Clinical and Health Psychology, along with a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) and a B.Sc in Psychology, all from the University of Salamanca. Additionally, he holds a Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude from the same institution. With 32 research papers, 15 book chapters, a book, and an edited special issue journal to his credit, Sánchez-Cabrero's scholarly contributions are extensive, reflecting his dedication to advancing knowledge in psychology and education.


Inclusive Education in Bilingual and Plurilingual Programs
Lidia Mañoso-Pacheco, José Luis Estrada Chichón, Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero. © 2024. 331 pages.
Implementing bilingual and plurilingual education programs has ushered in a transformative era for educators worldwide. These programs have redefined teaching practices and...