Roderick P. Hart

Roderick P. Hart holds the Shivers Chair in Communication and is Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author or editor of twelve books including Campaign Talk: Why Elections Are Good for Us (Princeton, 2000) and Political Keywords: Using Language that Uses Us (Oxford, 2005). His most recent work (with Jay Childers and Colene Lind) is Political Tone: How Leaders Talk Why (Chicago, 2013). He is the creator of DICTION: The Text-Analysis Program.


Communication and Language Analysis in the Corporate World
Roderick P. Hart. © 2014. 435 pages.
While personal variables like age, education, and gender are often thought to contribute to a person’s distinctive speech pattern, corporate environments often...
Communication and Language Analysis in the Public Sphere
Roderick P. Hart. © 2014. 580 pages.
Although, language is certainly individualized, most people conform to linguistic norms because of their surroundings. Over time, particular words and phrases are...