Rodney A. Reynolds

Rodney A. Reynolds is Director of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research at California Lutheran University. He received his Ph.D. degree in communication from Michigan State University. He has held tenured/senior positions at a number of universities. When possible, Dr. Reynolds teaches courses on Research Methods, Persuasion, and Interpersonal Relationships. His research interests include measurement, social influence, message processing, and ending conversations.


Online Instruments, Data Collection, and Electronic Measurements: Organizational Advancements
Mihai C. Bocarnea, Rodney A. Reynolds, Jason D. Baker. © 2013. 397 pages.
One of the infinite rewards to continuously advancing technology is an increased ease and precision in organizational techniques. Online data collection and online instruments...
Measuring Followership
Paul Kaak, Rodney A. Reynolds, Michael Whyte. © 2013. 9 pages.
The focus in this chapter is a proposal for a measure of followership with three dimensions: resistant follower, compliant follower, and mature follower. The chapter contains an...