Ron Oliver

Ron Oliver is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning and International) and Professor of eLearning at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. Throughout his teaching career he has used emerging technologies to engage and motivate his students and has a particular interest in learning and the need for relevance and engagement in curricula. He has been an active researcher and publisher in the area of instructional technologies and eLearning for the past thirty years, and has experience in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of a diverse range of technology-facilitated learning settings. Ron has been recognised for his innovative teaching and research with learning technologies through a number of awards including: Australian Award for University Teaching (1997); Australian Learning and Teaching Council Fellowship (2006); Fellowship of the Association for the Advancement for Computer in Education (2007); and Fellowship of the Australasian Society for the Use of Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education,(2009).


Ron Oliver. © 2013.
This Foreword is included in the book ePedagogy in Online Learning: New Developments in Web Mediated Human Computer Interaction.
Using Technology in Learning and Teaching: Making the Right Choices Involves Understanding the Problems to be Solved
Ron Oliver. © 2013. 20 pages.
This chapter describes approaches to using technology in teaching that have facilitated engaging and challenging learning settings across a range of discipline areas. The...
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Barry Harper, Ron Oliver. © 2009. 15 pages.
This chapter describes the development of a taxonomy of learning designs based on a survey of 52 innovative ICT-using projects that formed the basis of a grounded approach to...