Rosalind Latiner Raby

Rosalind Latiner Raby, Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer at California State University, Northridge in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department of the College of Education and is an affiliate faculty for the ELPS Ed.D. Community College program. She also serves as the Director of California Colleges for International Education, a non-profit consortium whose membership includes ninety-one California community colleges. Dr. Raby is the past-NAFSA Education Abroad Knowledge Community College chair for NAFSA, and the past-NAFSA Region XII Community College Coordinator. Dr. Raby received her Ph.D. in the field of Comparative and International Education from UCLA and since 1984, has worked with community college faculty and administrators to help them internationalize their campuses. Dr. Raby has been publishing in the field of community college internationalization since 1985. Her latest books on community college internationalization are International Education at Community Colleges: Themes, Practices, and Case Studies (Palgrave) and Handbook on Comparative Issues of Community Colleges and Global Counterparts. (Springer).


Study Abroad Opportunities for Community College Students and Strategies for Global Learning
Gregory F. Malveaux, Rosalind Latiner Raby. © 2019. 324 pages.
Community colleges serve more students than any other institutional type in the United States, and internationalization is an inherent component of community colleges that...
Community Colleges and Global Counterparts: Institutional Changes to Support Massification of Higher Education
Rosalind Latiner Raby. © 2019. 12 pages.
Higher education massification has broadened access to universities throughout the world. However, admission remains highly competitive. Alternative institutions emerged in each...
Changing the Conversation: Measures That Contribute to Community College Education Abroad Success
Rosalind Latiner Raby. © 2019. 21 pages.
Community college literature uses three distinct narratives to explain why few community colleges offer education abroad and why limited numbers of community college students...
Enhancing Study Abroad Participation and Choices of Destination at Community Colleges
Monija Amani, Mikyong Minsun Kim. © 2019. 16 pages.
This chapter addresses the findings of a multilayered study regarding perceptions of study abroad coordinators and students related to community college students' decisions...
The International Negotiation Modules Project: Using Computer-Assisted Simulation to Enhance Teaching and Learning Strategies in the Community College
Rosalind Latiner Raby, Joyce P. Kaufman. © 2000. 17 pages.
This chapter presents a case study of the International Negotiation Modules Project (INMP). The INMP utilized computer-assisted simulation is a tool to enhance teaching and...