Rosanne M. Cordell

Rosanne Cordell is the Associate Dean for Public Services at Northern Illinois University where she supervises reference, instruction, document delivery, reserves, circulation, and collection maintenance services. Previously, she was the Head of Reference Services at Indiana University South Bend, where she had also served as Head of Library Instruction. Her interests include intellectual freedom, privacy, reference services, and information literacy. She was the chair of the American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy Digital Literacy Task Force and is currently the co-chair of the Reference & User Services Access to Information Committee. She remains active in the ALA Intellectual Freedom Round Table and the Freedom to Read Foundation.


Library Reference Services and Information Literacy: Models for Academic Institutions
Rosanne M Cordell. © 2013. 254 pages.
As classrooms and universities strive to adapt their instructional methods to an ever progressing technological age, it is imperative that academic libraries also revisit the...
Reference: A Short History
Rosanne M Cordell. © 2013. 13 pages.
Reference services in libraries in the United States were first described and organized in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. However, these first attempts at...
Reference in the 21st Century
Rosanne M Cordell. © 2013. 18 pages.
The array of reference services offered in academic libraries in the 21st century is vast and may seem overwhelming to librarians struggling to keep up with the latest...
A Short History of Instruction in the Use of Libraries
Rosanne M Cordell. © 2013. 10 pages.
Instruction in the use of academic libraries has a long history but was not well established as a permanent and formal part of academic libraries in the United States until well...
Library Instruction in the 21st Century
Rosanne M Cordell. © 2013. 14 pages.
The adoption of Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) information literacy standards, the rapid development of teaching and learning technologies, and the movement...
Indiana University South Bend
Rosanne M Cordell. © 2013. 18 pages.
Indiana University South Bend is a regional campus of the eight campus, 100,000-student Indiana University system. The campus’ and Library’s relationship to the University system...
Reference and Instruction Services as an Integrated Approach
Rosanne M Cordell. © 2013. 10 pages.
Reference and instruction services in academic libraries were indistinguishable in their early development but were separated administratively as libraries and their programs...