S. Shane Stovall

Shane Stovall graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors Degree in Emergency Administration and Planning and his certification as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) from the International Association of Emergency Managers. Mr. Stovall served for eight years in Florida with the Charlotte County Office of Emergency Management, serving as their Emergency Planner, Plans and Operations Supervisor, and then Emergency Coordinator. In October 2006, Mr. Stovall accepted the position as Director of the City of Plano’s (Texas) Department of Emergency Management. Mr. Stovall now serves as the Coordinator of Emergency Management Services for True North Emergency Management, and has done so since January 2012. Mr. Stovall’s experience includes developing emergency management plans and strategies, and leading the direction of emergency and disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery projects in multiple jurisdictions. Mr. Stovall’s disaster experience includes response and recovery duties to the Lancaster, Texas F4 Tornado in 1994, Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, Florida Wildfires of 1998, Tropical Storm Josephine, Tropical Storm Gabrielle, and Hurricane Charley. Mr. Stovall also has vast experience in developing and coordinating jurisdictional emergency and disaster response exercises and training for jurisdictional teams in the public, private, and volunteer sectors.


Emergency Management and Disaster Response Utilizing Public-Private Partnerships
Marvine Paula Hamner, S. Shane Stovall, Doaa M. Taha, Salah C. Brahimi. © 2015. 345 pages.
In a world of earthquakes, tsunamis, and terrorist attacks, it is evident that emergency response plans are crucial to solve problems, overcome challenges, and restore and...