Salim Sheikh

Salim Sheikh became fascinated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) whilst delivering a final year project for his undergraduate degree at Royal Holloway, University of London; creating a program to syntactically and semantically analyse text and convert it to speech leveraging natural language processing (NLP) techniques. This led to a scholarship from University of Wales, Cardiff where he gained an MSc in “Artificial Intelligence with Engineering”. Additional scholarship followed at University of Wales, Aberystwyth to do a PhD focussing on qualitative modelling leveraging case based reasoning, genetic algorithms and neural networks.

In his professional life, Salim has spent the past twenty years in consulting; engaging in and leading digital and technology transformation, process improvement and organisational change programmes across UK, Europe, Turkey, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. He previously founded and managed a boutique consultancy (“Blue-Crow”) which had strong success in Local Government, Healthcare and Pharma.

Salim believes that we need a new narrative, mindset and ways of working (and living!) that allows people to align with what society needs today, tomorrow and the future; augmenting humans with technology.

He continues to follow all aspects of AI and is an alumni of CIO Academy (SBS, Oxford University).


Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Its Future Social Impact
Salim Sheikh. © 2021. 284 pages.
The influence of AI is beginning to filter into every aspect of life, spanning across education, healthcare, business, and more. However, as its prevalence grows, challenges must...