Sam Takavarasha Jr.

Sam Takavarasha Jr is a research fellow at University of Fort Hare South Africa. He is a University of Portsmouth UK graduate and he acquired his Ph.D. in Information Systems specializing in ICT4D at the University of Zimbabwe. Sam is the author of many peer-reviewed academic papers and he has conducted three national consultancy projects, two of which as the principal investigator. His editorial experience includes being a co-guest editor of an IS journal special issue, track chair of the general of ECIS 2017, track chair of the ICT4D track of the ECIS 2018, advisory board member of two book projects and a technical committee member of the e-leadership conference. Sam’s research interests include ICT4D, e-Remittances, e-Politics, e-Commerce in the Developing World, Mixed Methods Research, and Health Informatics. His teaching interests include e-Commerce, Project Management for Information Systems and Research methods.


The Challenges of Using Zero-Rating (Free Basics) for Addressing the Affordability of ICT Access in Developing Countries
John N. Walubengo, Sam Takavarasha Jr.. © 2020. 17 pages.
As the body of evidence on the usefulness of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for poverty reduction and development continues to grow, mobile network operators...
Affordability Issues Surrounding the Use of ICT for Development and Poverty Reduction
Sam Takavarasha Jr., Carl Adams. © 2018. 319 pages.
As the world becomes digitalized, developing countries are starting to see an increase in technological advancements being integrated into their society. These advancements are...
Community Networks for Addressing Affordability of ICT Access in African Rural Areas: A Case Study of Zenzeleni, Makhosi
Sam Takavarasha Jr., Carl Adams, Liezel Cilliers. © 2018. 27 pages.
Mobile ICTs have addressed the digital divides between the global south and the global north. While a phenomenal mobile penetration in developing countries has enabled ICT4D...
ICT Affordability and Coping With Disaster: Coping With Disaster
Carl Adams, Sam Takavarasha Jr.. © 2018. 15 pages.
This chapter explores the impact of a disaster on communities from a development perspective and the corresponding importance of access to ICT. Poorer communities are often most...
The Developmental Effect of a New Political Anomaly on the Oldest ICT: A Critique of the Banning of Short Wave Radios in Zimbabwe
Sam Takavarasha Jr., Eldred V. Masunungure. © 2014. 27 pages.
Economic growth in countries like China, whose democratic credentials and human rights records are unimpressive, compels us to question the democracy-development nexus...