Serkan Cankaya

Serkan Çankaya is Associate Prof. Dr. in the Department of Management Information Systems at İzmir Democracy University. Dr. Çankaya received an M.S. degree in the Computer Education & Instructional Technology Department at Balıkesir University. He gained his Ph.D. in Computer Education & Instructional Technology Department at Anadolu University at June 2013. His academic interest areas are artificial intelligence(ai) in education, generative ai, open and distance learning, virtual reality, metaverse in education, social learning networks, support services in distance education, online learning, and administration of distance education. He has authored over 50 articles, book contributions, books, and editorials, and is a Chief Editor of the International Journal of Computers in Education, as well as a member of the Editorial Boards of other international journals.


Shaping the Future of Online Learning: Education in the Metaverse
Gürhan Durak, Serkan Cankaya. © 2023. 350 pages.
Each new technological innovation creates new opportunities in the field of education and affects the learning preferences of individuals. In this respect, it is important to...
Metaverse Technologies and Applications in the Future of Online Learning
Gürhan Durak, Serkan Cankaya. © 2023. 16 pages.
Metaverse, one of the most popular concepts of today, is the fictional universe in which there are many virtual reality environments. Like every emerging technology, this concept...
Perspectives on Learning Analytics for Maximizing Student Outcomes
Gürhan Durak, Serkan Cankaya. © 2023. 453 pages.
Maximizing student outcomes in education presents a significant challenge, as traditional assessment methods often fall short in providing actionable insights for improvement....
Introduction to Learning Analytics: Unleashing the Power of Data
Gurhan Durak, Serkan Cankaya. © 2023. 14 pages.
Data is critical for educational institutions. Data helps to achieve better results in educational processes. While the concept of educational data has been in existence for some...
Handbook of Research on Managing and Designing Online Courses in Synchronous and Asynchronous Environments
Gürhan Durak, Serkan Çankaya. © 2022. 731 pages.
In order to be successful, online learning should be planned systematically. It can be said that offering distance education courses without preparation and knowledge about the...
Integrated Systems in Distance Education: Comparison of Popular Systems
Gurhan Durak, Serkan Cankaya, Omer Anil Demir, Cagri Cevre. © 2022. 19 pages.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, platforms that support remote working and distance education have gained great importance. Video conferencing features became crucial. In these...
Managing and Designing Online Courses in Ubiquitous Learning Environments
Gürhan Durak, Serkan Çankaya. © 2020. 356 pages.
The use of technology has a profound influence in educational settings and has experienced significant paradigm shifts with the advents of e-learning and m-learning. As an...
Learning Management Systems: Popular LMSs and Their Comparison
Gürhan Durak, Serkan Çankaya. © 2019. 22 pages.
One of the technologies used in education is the learning management system (LMS). Selecting the correct LMS is important for all education institutions so that they can avoid a...