Shailey Singh

Shailey Singh is a web 3 marketing, content, and growth strategist. With a decade of experience spanning across web 3, healthcare, education, and lifestyle sectors, she stands as an expert at the intersection of innovative technology and compelling storytelling. Shailey has actively worked in strategic roles with various web 3 and NFT projects - content director for Fancy Studios (GameFi), head of & content BUK technology (tokenized bookings), CCO at NFT marketplace & web 3 launchpad, marketing at Neon EVM, consultant for stealth blockchain and Gen AI projects, and has authored numerous articles and research publications. Her marketing acumen, creative flair, and commitment to authentic communication make her an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of web 3. Shailey obtained her MBA in marketing and international business from SIU, India, and further pursued executive education in digital marketing from IIT-Bombay. As a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge in the field, she also serves as a guest professor for India’s top-ranked B-schools and media & communications colleges. Her dedication paves the way to pushing the limits, reshaping conventions, and carving the path for brands to flourish in the constantly evolving virtual and technology terrain.


Bitcoin's Genesis: A Catalyst for Digital Currency
Shailey Singh. © 2024. 12 pages.
This chapter traces the transformative journey of Bitcoin, exploring its historical inception, technological foundations, and profound influence on the financial landscape....
Blockchain Technology: Enabling the Rise of Digital Currencies
Shailey Singh. © 2024. 9 pages.
This chapter unravels the relationship between blockchain technology and the surge of digital currencies, reshaping the foundations of modern finance. Exploring technical...
The Emergence of Web 3 and Its Core Building Blocks: Understanding the Third Iteration of the Internet
Shailey Singh. © 2023. 22 pages.
This chapter delves into the core building blocks of Web3, the transformative phase of the internet characterized by decentralized and user-centric digital ecosystems. It...
Building Blocks for the Metaverse: Virtual Worlds, Marketplaces, and Tools
Shailey Singh, Himanshu Sisodia. © 2023. 24 pages.
The term ‘metaverse,' was first coined in Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel “Snow Crash,” and has since been used to describe various types of virtual and augmented reality...