Sherrie Wisdom

Sherrie Wisdom is Supervisor of Graduate Research for the School of Education. Her professional education career includes consultation on educational research with doctoral students, experience with k-12 curriculum, teaching secondary mathematics and physics, and teaching college level physics and statistics. She earned an EdD in Educational Administration from Lindenwood University, a MA in Applied Mathematics from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, a MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics & Physics from the University of Missouri – Columbia, and a Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Her research interests include Critical Thinking in Higher Education, NAIA to NCAA D-II Sports Transition, Global Perspective Characteristics of Lindenwood University Undergraduates, Progression and Persistence Characteristics of Lindenwood University EdD Students, and analysis with large-scale educational databases.


Handbook of Research on Social Inequality and Education
Sherrie Wisdom, Lynda Leavitt, Cynthia Bice. © 2019. 556 pages.
In comparing one public school to another, discussions frequently include talk concerning the socioeconomics of a school or district, which then leads to talk about the...
State-Wide Teacher Walkouts Highlight Equality Gaps
Sherrie L. Wisdom. © 2019. 18 pages.
Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and West Virginia mounted statewide teacher walkouts related to teacher salary during 2018. This study offers a synthesis...
Cultural Awareness and Competency Development in Higher Education
Lynda Leavitt, Sherrie Wisdom, Kelly Leavitt. © 2017. 408 pages.
As the world becomes more globalized, student populations in university settings will continue to grow in diversity. To ensure students develop the cultural competence to adapt...
Handbook of Research on Advancing Critical Thinking in Higher Education
Sherrie Wisdom, Lynda Leavitt. © 2015. 567 pages.
The importance of critical thinking has surged as academics in higher education realize that many students, upon entering college, lack the critical thinking skills necessary to...
Faculty Support and Guidance for Doctoral Candidates: Promotion of Critical Thinking
Sherrie L. Wisdom. © 2015. 25 pages.
This chapter describes practices of doctoral faculty in their efforts to support and encourage doctoral candidates for the EdD in conducting reliable and valid research for the...
NAIA to NCAA D-II Sports Transition: A Three-Year University Case Study
Sherrie L. Wisdom, Graham Weir. © 2015. 41 pages.
The intent of this chapter is to provide results of a self-study of the transition process of a medium-sized, independent university from affiliation with National Association of...
“They Didn’t Teach Them Anything!”: Learning from Each Other in K-20
Beth Kania-Gosche, Sherrie Wisdom, Lynda Leavitt. © 2013. 14 pages.
In the United States, the new Common Core standards intend for every high school senior to graduate “college and career ready.” However, the differences between K-12 public...