Shirley Reushle

Shirley Reushle is the Deputy Director of USQ’s Australian Digital Futures Institute, a research and innovation institute. Her discipline is education with a particular focus on online learning and teaching. She has taught online in Higher Education for over fifteen years and her doctoral research was in transformative approaches to professional development for online educators. She regularly consults in designing and facilitating online learning and has authored articles on the future of Higher Education, transformative learning, online learning design and the creation and evaluation of learning spaces. Through participation in the Research Leadership Development Program, Shirley hopes to further her research and the concept of “taking people into the future and making it real.” This will be done through a focused exploration of the impact on learning of highly interactive digital communities and the spaces those communities inhabit. She also plans to extend the research work she has already conducted in transformative learning theory.


Open Learning and Formal Credentialing in Higher Education: Curriculum Models and Institutional Policies
Shirley Reushle, Amy Antonio, Mike Keppell. © 2016. 343 pages.
The discipline of education is a multi-faceted system that must constantly integrate new strategies and procedures to ensure successful learning experiences. Enhancements in...
Designing and Evaluating Learning Spaces: PaSsPorT and Design-Based Research
Shirley Reushle. © 2012. 15 pages.
This chapter discusses the purposes, design and implementation of a physical experimental learning and teaching space which forms part of the University of Southern Queensland’s...
Adopting Synchronous Audiographic Web Conferencing : A Tale from Two Regional Universities in Australia
Birgit Loch, Shirley Reushle, Nicola Jayne, Stephen Rowe. © 2010. 17 pages.
This chapter provides a comparative study of two Australian regional universities with a similar student profile as they investigate the use of synchronous audiographic web...