Simon Polovina

Simon Polovina engages in roles that draw upon his expertise in Enterprise Architecture and Conceptual Structures (CS), which harmonises the human conceptual approach to problem solving with the formal structures that computer applications need to bring their productivity to bear. He is the founder and co-leader of the Conceptual Structures Research Group at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, and a steering group committee member of the Communication and Computing Research Centre of the University's Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute. His PhD was awarded in 1994 by the Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University, UK. Simon has many years of industrial experience in accounting and information and communication technologies (ICT), and has published widely with over 90 learned publications to date. His interests include the use of Smart Applications and how they can detect novel or unusual transactions that would otherwise remain as lost business opportunities or represent illicit business or criminal activity. He is the Enterprise Architect for CENTRIC (Centre of excellence in terrorism, resilience, intelligence & organised crime research). He is currently a Principal Investigator for a prestigious European Commission 7th Framework Programme project CUBIST (“Combining and Unifying Business Intelligence with Semantic Technologies”), where he is applying CS and co-managing the project. CUBIST is centred on applying smart technologies (namely CS and the Semantic Web) to Business Intelligence. It is a €4m project funded under topic 4.3: Intelligent Information Management.


Communication + Dynamic Interface = Better User Experience
Simon Polovina, Will Pearson. © 2008. 8 pages.
Traditionally, programming code that is used to construct software user interfaces has been intertwined with the code used to construct the logic of that application’s processing...