Sirma Zeynep Alparslan-Gok

Dr. Sirma Zeynep ALPARSLAN GOK was born 1980 in Ankara-Turkey. She works as an associate professor at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Suleyman Demirel University in Turkey. She holds PhD at Institute of Applied Mathematics (Middle East Technical University, Turkey) in Scientific Computing and BSc (Ankara University, Turkey) in Mathematics. Her research interests are Cooperative Game Theory, Operations Research, Linear Optimization and Scientific Computing. She has co-authored research papers at various journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. She leads as a guest editor in several special issues and book projects. She is in editorial board of International Journal of Supply and Operations Management.


Handbook of Research on Emergent Applications of Optimization Algorithms
Pandian Vasant, Sirma Zeynep Alparslan-Gok, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber. © 2018. 812 pages.
Modern optimization approaches have attracted an increasing number of scientists, decision makers, and researchers. As new issues in this field emerge, different optimization...
A Cooperative Game Theory Approach to Post- Disaster Housing Problem
Pınar Usta, Serap Ergun, Sirma Zeynep Alparslan-Gok. © 2018. 12 pages.
Housing problem, which occurs after disasters, is needing urgent attention. Earthquake is the most important one of the disasters in Turkey, like many place rest of the world. A...