Sofia Idris

Sofia Idris has done MS Gender Studies from University of the Punjab (Pakistan) and M Phil Political Science from GC University, Lahore (Pakistan). Her areas of interest include local politics, current affairs, political economy, international relations, conflict and conflict resolution, society & social systems, social & cultural issues, social care, women empowerment, children and gender issues.


Promoting Global Environmental Sustainability and Cooperation
Sofia Idris. © 2018. 260 pages.
Due to natural factors and human activity, nature has been changing since the beginning of time. As the environment continuously undergoes such transitions, it is necessary for...
Water Security in Pakistan
Sofia Idris. © 2018. 27 pages.
Pakistan largely faces water scarcity, and the arid agricultural land of Pakistan is mainly due to the violation of the Indus Water Treaty by its neighbor India. By blocking the...