Stefan Marks

Stefan Marks is a Lecturer at Colab, the “collaboratory” at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. He has several years of industry experience as a hardware and software developer, a diploma in microinformatics, a master’s degree in human-computer interaction, and a PhD from the University of Auckland for his research on virtual reality medical teamwork simulation. His research interests include virtual and interactive environments, 3D data visualization, human-computer interaction, simulation of physical processes, serious games, robotics and electronics, and computer science education. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, preferably while exploring beautiful New Zealand’s outdoors.


Problem Solving at the Edge of Disciplines
Andrew Connor, Ricardo Sosa, Anna G. Jackson, Stefan Marks. © 2017. 23 pages.
This chapter outlines a new perspective on disciplinary collaboration that draws inspiration from ecology that observes that the edges where ecosystems meet tend to have greater...
Creative Technologies for Multidisciplinary Applications
Andy M. Connor, Stefan Marks. © 2016. 467 pages.
Given that institutions of higher education have a predisposition to compartmentalize and delineate areas of study, creative technology may seem oxymoronic. On the contrary, the...
Exposing Core Competencies for Future Creative Technologists
Andy M. Connor, Ricardo Sosa, Sangeeta Karmokar, Stefan Marks, Maggie Buxton, Ann Marie Gribble, Anna G. Jackson, Jacques Foottit. © 2016. 21 pages.
This chapter suggests that in terms of preparing creative technologies graduates it is better to define what skill sets will be in the future rather than attempting to define...