Stéfane M. Kabene

Stefane M. Kabene is a full professor of Management at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health in Rennes and Paris, France. He is also the Associate Director of the Institute of Management and Doctoral Network at the same school. Among other functions, he heads the Executive health MBA (EHMBA) and works closely with the University of North Carolina for the development of The Executive Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH). His research interests are in Management and Leadership of healthcare organizations, Push and Pull factors and migrations of healthcare professionals, Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Teams and Information and Communication Technologies in health. He teaches and gives speeches in the US, Canada and Europe.


International Journal of Telework and Telecommuting Technologies (IJTTT)
Stéfane M. Kabene. Est. 2013.
The International Journal of Telework and Telecommuting Technologies is an interdisciplinary journal that serves as an arena where scholars, professionals, organizations can...
Human Resources in Healthcare, Health Informatics and Healthcare Systems
Stéfane M. Kabene. © 2011. 378 pages.
While many countries enjoy the benefits of modern healthcare systems and social and economic policies that improve life expectancy, many countries still have high maternal and...
Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare Professionals for the Changing Demographics, Culture, and Access in Canada
Stéfane M. Kabene, Melody Wolfe, Raymond Leduc. © 2011. 16 pages.
The Canadian healthcare system strives to serve a population altered by ever-changing demographics, cultural shifts, and diverse societal populations, and to serve those in rural...
Healthcare and the Effect of Technology: Developments, Challenges and Advancements
Stéfane M. Kabene. © 2010. 392 pages.
Healthcare is significantly affected by technological advancements, as technology both shapes and changes health systems locally and globally. As areas of computer science...