Subhra Rani Mondal

Dr. Subhra is currently working at Duy Tan University, Vietnam as a Researcher


Innovations in Digital Branding and Content Marketing
Subhankar Das, Subhra Rani Mondal. © 2021. 311 pages.
In today’s technology-driven economy, organizations are attempting to create a digital identity of their brand in order to remain prevalent among consumers. As today’s consumers...
A Systematic Study of New Age Consumer Engagement and Exploration for Digital Entertainment for Over-the-Top Platforms in Various Digital Media
Subhra Mondal. © 2021. 21 pages.
In this chapter, the accentuation is given on the way that websites are the main impetus for any online content and notice. Here, the author tries to give insight regarding...
A Systematic Study for Digital Innovation in Management Education: An Integrated Approach Towards Problem-Based Learning in Vietnam
Subhra Rani Mondal. © 2020. 17 pages.
The past two decades have witnessed an unrelenting expansion of management education around the world. At the same time, however, influential scholars—Mintzberg, Bennis, Pfeffer...