Sunil Jacob John

Sunil Jacob John is Associate Professor at Dept. of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Calicut, India.


Information Systems on Hesitant Fuzzy Sets
Deepak D., Sunil Jacob John. © 2017. 28 pages.
Knowledge extraction from information systems is one of the most significant problems in artificial intelligence. This paper attempts to study information systems in the hesitant...
Handbook of Research on Generalized and Hybrid Set Structures and Applications for Soft Computing
Sunil Jacob John. © 2016. 607 pages.
Successful development of effective computational systems is a challenge for IT developers across sectors due to uncertainty issues that are inherently present within...
Introduction to Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multisets and Its Applications
T. K. Shinoj, Sunil Jacob John. © 2016. 10 pages.
In this chapter a new concept named Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiset is introduced, which is an attempt to combine the two concepts: Intuitionistic Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy Multisets....
Soft Topologies Generated by Soft Set Relations
K. V. Babitha, Sunil Jacob John. © 2016. 9 pages.
This chapter discusses different soft set topologies using binary soft set relations. The relationship between soft set topologies and different relations are investigated and...
Rough Approximations on Hesitant Fuzzy Sets
D. Deepak, Sunil Jacob John. © 2016. 15 pages.
Introduction of hesitant fuzzy rough sets would facilitate the use of rough set based techniques to hesitant fuzzy environment. Hesitant fuzzy rough sets deal with the lower and...
Hybrid Set Structures for Soft Computing
Sunil Jacob John, Babitha KV. © 2014. 20 pages.
A Major problem in achieving an effective computational systems is the presence of inherent uncertainty in the computational problem itself. Among various techniques proposed to...