Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra

Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra , is currently working at Department of Economics, ICFAI School of Social Sciences, The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) Deemed University, Hyderabad, India. His research areas are applied development economics, agricultural economics, trade and environment, water governance, institutions and policies, climate change and sustainable development, microfinance and livelihood. He has collaborated in research projects supported by organisations like International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), ILO Geneva, Harvard School of Public Health, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Education, Govt of India, ICSSR, SBI and NABARD. He has worked as a Consultant to World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Inter State Water Issue (ISWI), Department of Water Resources, Govt of Odisha for Mahanadi Water Disputes Tribunal (MWDT), Constituted by Central Government of India. He has published his research ideas in books, Scopus, ABS, ABDC, UGC-CARE indexed journals, working papers and acted as reviewer for several journals. He is the recipient of Malcolm Elizabeth Adiseshiah Doctoral Merit Fellowship from Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS), under University of Madras, Chennai, India and European Commission Erasmus Mundus Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF), from the Department of Science Economics (DSE), University of Bologna, Italy.


Changing World Economic Order in the Post-Pandemic Period
Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra, Vishal Sarin. © 2023. 305 pages.
Post COVID-19, the world will never be the same. The pandemic not only shattered many assumptions about economic developments and growth, but it also challenged our preparedness...
Surviving Pandemics in the Long Run: Need for Sustainability in a COVID-19 World Economy
Shreyansh Budhia, Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra. © 2023. 17 pages.
In this chapter, the authors suggest that the world economy, under its current state of things, cannot function if it decides not to bring about a change in its key areas of...
Post-COVID-19 World and Trajectories of a Crumbling World Order
Keshab Chandra Ratha, Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra. © 2023. 14 pages.
The pandemic poses the severest jolt to the U.S.-led international order, including the retraction of the United States from previously held global leadership. The extraordinary...
Impact of COVID-19 on the Fiscal Health of India: A Sub-National Analysis From Odisha State
Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra, Pareswar Sahu. © 2023. 17 pages.
With the emergence of COVID-19 within Odisha, preventive measures like partial or total lockdown of the state have been undertaken by the government to control its spread despite...
India-Africa Trade and Investment Cooperation for Economic Development
Rajender Singh Godara, Mohamad Aslam, Gaibul Preet, Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra. © 2020. 15 pages.
India and Africa have a long partnership history of cooperation for economic development by trade and investment. This framework has become an essential component for development...