Sven Trenholm

Sven Trenholm is currently a PhD research student at Loughborough University’s Mathematics Education Center. Previously, for more than ten years, he taught as a fulltime mathematics instructor within the State University of New York. He holds an MSc in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology (SUNY Albany) and a BSc and DipEd in Mathematics (McGill). His PhD research is focused on assessment approaches of tertiary mathematics e-learning instructors. His research interests also include disciplinary differences in approaches to e-learning, mathematics e-lecturing, efficacy of e-learning for courses in basic numeracy and psychological aspects of e-learning. Within these fields of interest, he has published journal papers and presented numerous times. His e-mail is:


Teaching Mathematics Online: Emergent Technologies and Methodologies
Angel A. Juan, Maria A. Huertas, Sven Trenholm, Cristina Steegmann. © 2012. 414 pages.
Educational technologies (e-learning environments or learning management systems for individual and collaborative learning, Internet resources for teaching and learning, academic...
Long-Term Experiences in Mathematics E-Learning in Europe and the USA
Sven Trenholm, Angel A. Juan, Jorge Simosa, Amilcar Oliveira. © 2012. 20 pages.
This chapter presents a comparative study regarding four long-term experiences teaching mathematics online at four different universities in Europe and the USA. The chapter first...