Thomas Ochs

Thomas OchsThomas Ochs is the CIO of the Villeroy & Boch Group. Within Villeroy & Boch he introduced a complete supply chain management support for all shops, subsidiaries, and production locations within the Tableware Divi-sion. Furthermore, he introduced a fully integrated CRM software while integrating marketing, call center, and sales as well as a corporate-wide portal solution using the latest technical features with a high degree of usability. This has been accompanied with the harmonization of the busi-ness lines and organizational change from country-specifically organized IT departments to one globally acting corporate IT with a harmonized SAP system landscape available for the entire company. This IT effort serves as a basis for the optimization of the IT costs, further standardiza-tion, and the enablement of an outsourcing of the entire IT infrastructure as well as the coordination of digitalization projects at Villeroy & Boch. Mr. Ochs is also the assistant professor for computer science teaching e-business at the Saarland University of Applied Science, Germany. In his private life he enjoys golf with his friends and family.


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