Timothy C. Bagwell

Tim Bagwell Timothy Bagwell is a Contributing Faculty member at Walden University chairing dissertation committees and mentor Ph.D. Candidates. Bagwell holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis and Administration from Saint Louis University. He is a former Associate Professor at American Public University and adjunct faculty member in project management at Saint Louis. Bagwell has worked in nearly every phase of Information Technology including operations, quality assurance, application development, training and Internet publishing largely in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and health insurance fields.


Information Technology as a Facilitator of Social Processes in Project Management and Collaborative Work
Timothy C. Bagwell, Robert A. Cropf, Sheryl L Foster-Gadkari. © 2018. 217 pages.
Project management (PM), as a discipline, has been undergoing an incremental inclusion of theories, techniques, and processes fromfields related to organizational behavior....
Ethical Issues and Citizen Rights in the Era of Digital Government Surveillance
Robert A. Cropf, Timothy C. Bagwell. © 2016. 303 pages.
Questions surrounding the concept of freedom versus security have intensified in recent years due to the rise of new technologies. The increased governmental use of technology...
The Mode of Information – Due Process of Law and Student Loans: Bills of Attainder Enter the Digital Age
Timothy C. Bagwell, Shareka L. Jackson. © 2016. 19 pages.
This chapter examines the laws, policies and practices of the Federally Guaranteed Student Loan Program and the use of digital records and databases in creating changes in the...