Tuğba Demir

Tuğba Demir, was born in 1984. She graduated from Kocaeli University at Communication Faculty, Department of Public Relations and Publicity in 2005. She finished her Master’s Degree in International Management Business at İstanbul Commerce University Graduate School of Social Sciences in 2009. She is currently continuing her Ph.D studies Public Relations and Advertising at Istanbul Commerge University. Ms. Demir is currently working at İzmir Kavram Vocational School in Marketing and Advertising Department in Public Relations and Publicity Program as a lecturer. She gives various lectures on Communication, Management, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Public Relations, Customer Relationship. Also, deals with visual communication and visual culture.


Handbook of Research on Aestheticization of Violence, Horror, and Power
M. Nur Erdem, Nihal Kocabay-Sener, Tuğba Demir. © 2021. 696 pages.
Individuals seek ways to repress the sense of violence within themselves and often resort to medial channels. The hunger of the individual for violence is a trigger for the...
Illustration as a Visual Communication Culturel Product Aesthetic Line in Visual Representation
Tuğba Demir. © 2021. 22 pages.
The formal setup of this study is primarily based on the connection between visuality, visual communication, and visual culture. Subsequently, information is given about...
Being Autistic in Turkey and the Representation of Autism in Media
Tuğba Demir. © 2021. 17 pages.
Autism is an innate or developmental difference that occurs in the first years of life. While the number of individuals with autism in the world is increasing day by day, the...