Ulas Akkucuk

Ulas Akkucuk is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods at Bogazici University Department of Management, Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Akkucuk has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University (1997), an MBA from Bogazici University (2000), and a PhD in Management Science and Information Systems from Rutgers University (2004). His research interests focus on the methodological development of multivariate techniques such as Clustering and Multidimensional Scaling and novel applications into fields, such as global competitiveness, CRM, technology management, and sustainable development. He has taught Statistics, CRM and Data Mining, and Global Aspects of Management courses, among others, at both graduate and undergraduate levels. He is associate editor and editorial board member of International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (IJRBS) and has been an ad hoc reviewer for journals such as Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Bogazici Journal, and International Journal of Business Economics and Management. He is a member of the Classification Society and Society for the Study of Business and Finance.


Handbook of Research on Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Development
Ulas Akkucuk. © 2018. 440 pages.
The issue of sustainability has become a vital discussion in many industries within the public and private sectors. In the business realm, incorporating such...
SCOR Model and the Green Supply Chain
Ulas Akkucuk. © 2016. 17 pages.
Supply chain management (SCM) is a continually evolving field, relying on breaking down internal and external organizational barriers to gain efficiencies, improve...
Reverse Logistics: Automobile Recalls and Other Conditions
Yasin Galip Gencer, Ulas Akkucuk. © 2016. 30 pages.
Reverse Logistics has become an important concept in today's supply chain operations. Besides being an old concept, it was hard to find in literature a precise...
Handbook of Research on Developing Sustainable Value in Economics, Finance, and Marketing
Ulas Akkucuk. © 2015. 550 pages.
In an age of rising environmental concerns, it has become necessary for businesses to pay special attention to the resources they are consuming and the long-term...
From Local Information Systems to Global Customer Relationship Management
Ulas Akkucuk. © 2014. 7 pages.
Advances in computer and information technologies have been utilized by companies all over the world since the 1990s. Corresponding roughly to the same period...
Application of Statistical Visualization Tools on Global Competitiveness Data
Ulas Akkucuk. © 2014. 14 pages.
Many global organizations provide valuable sources of country-specific data to the general public. The data are a very good source of secondary information to the...