Unanza Gulzar

Unanza Gulzar is currently working as an assistant professor in school of law, The NorthCap University. She has done her LL.B and LLM specializing in Business laws besides holding a Bachelor’s degree in science. She has done her Ph.D. in e-commerce in India. She has qualified for the U.G.C. NET twice and the State eligibility test for lectureship in the year 2013. She has to her credit a Book on “Money Laundering in India: Legal Perspective”. She has published more than 28 research papers in various national and international reputed law journals. She has received a number of letters of appreciation from different law journals for her contribution. Besides, her articles have appeared in various newspapers/ Web-portals on a wide range of subjects from politics to typical legal matters. She has presented 35 research papers in various seminars and conferences. With more than 7 years of teaching experience, she has taught in the Central University of Kashmir.


Democratic Model of Restorative Justice: Sheath to the Criminal Justice System in India
Unanza Gulzar. © 2023. 25 pages.
The adversarial model of criminal justice, with punishing the offender as its main aim, has proven counterproductive. Mounting arrears in the court, delay in the disposal of...
Critical Appraisal of Challenges to Online Consumer Fissures in Information Technology Law in India
Unanza Gulzar. © 2022. 15 pages.
Despite the shift in e-commerce in India, there are inadequate laws to protect a person over the internet. The chapter highlights that the Information Technology (Amendment) Act...
A Critical Appraisal of Crime Over Social Networking Sites in the Context of India: Social Networking Sites
Unanza Gulzar. © 2020. 20 pages.
An inescapable part of our everyday lives, visual communication is a key driver of engagement on social media. These are redesigned their news feed to allow greater emphasis on...
Problems Faced by Consumers in E-Commerce Transactions With Special Emphasis on Digital Economy in India and the European Union
Unanza Gulzar. © 2020. 19 pages.
The chapter critically analyzes the defies consumer faces in e-commerce transaction like jurisdictional issues, privacy, and other issues. It also focuses on the EU directives...
Critical Evaluation of Laws on Traditional Knowledge
Unanza Gulzar. © 2020. 27 pages.
People at large do not have the capacity to transform their knowledge into formal specification and consequently into wealth. Some people who are hampered because of their...