Vardan Mkrttchian

Vardan Mkrttchian received his Doctorate of Sciences (Engineering) in Control Systems from Lomonosov Moscow State University (former USSR). Dr. Vardan Mkrttchian taught undergraduate and graduate information and control system courses at the Astrakhan State University (Russian Federation) science 2010, where he is the Professor of the Information and Control Systems Department ( He is currently chief executive and rector and leader of the international academic scientist’s team of HHH University, Australia, ( He also serves as executive director of the HHH Technology Incorporation. Professor Vardan Mkrttchian has authored over 350 refereed publications He is the author of over twenty books in information technology, control system theory, electronics, and cloud and virtual education technology. He also has authored more than 190 articles published in various conference proceedings and journals.


Sliding Mode in Intellectual Control and Communication: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Vardan Mkrttchian, Ekaterina Aleshina. © 2017. 128 pages.
The integration of sliding mode in engineering systems has been a focus of research for many years. However, the use of this method in non-engineering systems still requires a...