Vasilis Sarhosis

Vasilis Sarhosis completed his Undergraduate and Master’s degree in Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Leeds in 2005. He then spent time working in the industry as a graduate Civil Engineer in two of the largest consult engineering companies in UK, MWH Global and Gronmij. In 2007, he returned to Leeds to study for a PhD in Computational Modelling of Materials and Structures where he developed a tool that can be used to improve understanding of the in-service and near collapse behaviour of low bond strength masonry and compare and evaluate alternative methods of rehabilitation, repair or strengthening of masonry structures. He is currently a Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Newcastle University.


Computational Modeling of Masonry Structures Using the Discrete Element Method
Vasilis Sarhosis, Katalin Bagi, José V. Lemos, Gabriele Milani. © 2016. 505 pages.
The Discrete Element Method (DEM) has emerged as a solution to predicting load capacities of masonry structures. As one of many numerical methods and computational solutions...
Numerical Modeling of Historic Masonry Structures
Panagiotis G. Asteris, Vasilis Sarhosis, Amin Mohebkhah, Vagelis Plevris, L. Papaloizou, Petros Komodromos, José V. Lemos. © 2016. 42 pages.
The majority of historical and heritage structures around the world consist of unreinforced masonry walls. A masonry structure is composed of masonry units, such as brick or...
Seismic Vulnerability of Ancient Colonnade: Two Story Colonnade of the Forum in Pompeii
Vasilis Sarhosis, Gian Piero Lignola, Panagiotis G. Asteris. © 2016. 25 pages.
In this chapter, a numerical study to investigate the seismic vulnerability of the two storey colonnade of the Forum in Pompeii has been conducted. Software based on the Distinct...
On the Mechanical Behavior of Masonry
Vasilis Sarhosis, D. V. Oliveira, P. B. Lourenco. © 2016. 27 pages.
In this chapter, a review on the mechanical behaviour of masonry is presented. The aim is to establish a base of knowledge and understanding of masonry that will underpin its...
Micro-Modeling Options for Masonry
Vasilis Sarhosis. © 2016. 33 pages.
In this chapter, a review of the available methods and their challenges to simulate the mechanical behavior of masonry structures are presented. Different micro-modeling...
Discrete Element Modeling of Masonry-Infilled Frames
A. Mohebkhah, Vasilis Sarhosis. © 2016. 35 pages.
In this chapter, the different modeling strategies for simulating the behavior of masonry infilled frames are investigated. Particular emphasis is given on the suitability of the...