Vidar Hepsø

Vidar Hepsø holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from NTNU and is currently Principal Researcher/Project Manager at Statoil R&D in Trondheim Norway. He is also Adjunct Professor at the NTNU Center for Integrated operations in the Petroleums Industry. His main interests are related to new types of collaboration enabled by new information and communication technology (ICT) in general and in particular ICT-infrastucture development, capability platforms and collaboration technologies. The main work area the last 8-10 years has been within 'Integrated Operations' (IO) .Within this field of activities he is involved in both planning, execution and evaluation of IO activities in Statoil in addition to being project manager and a resource for branch specific research and development of IO in both Norway and internationally.


Integrated Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry: Sustainability and Capability Development
Tom Rosendahl, Vidar Hepsø. © 2013. 457 pages.
The predicted “ICT revolution” has gained increasing attention in the oil industry the last few years. It is enabled by the use of ubiquitous real time data, collaborative...
Creation of Indicators Determining the Work of High-Tech Business Practitioners: Validity, Reliability, and Negotiation Revisited
Irene Lorentzen Hepsø, Vidar Hepsø. © 2012. 15 pages.
The authors address how performance indicators are configured and engineered in ERP-systems to follow up the activities of the knowledge workers in an oil and gas company....