Walter Nuninger

Walter Nuninger (Senior Lecturer) is a Chartered Engineer (1993) with a PhD in Automatic Control awarded in 1997. He further worked as a research engineer at ALSTOM where he developed his skill on friction and traction for trains. Since 1999, he has been an Associate Professor at the University of Lille. He works in the Engineering School of Polytech'Lille where he directed the Production Department dedicated to Life Long Learning with Work Integrated Learning (from 2008 until 2011). Then, he was commissioned for the management and financial control at the CUEEP until 2014, in charge of Continuing Education. He teaches automatic control, computer science, data mining and mathematics... and is involved in learner-centred pedagogy with hybrid courses, using digital support and active pedagogy. He is a tutor/mentor of learners in Formative Work Situation in the industry, guiding their reflexive attitude. Through the years, he has had several experiences in management, leadership and financial control in a quality framework. He is interested in organization, inter-culturalism and excellence. Since 2014, he is a member of the Harassment Prevention Unit, offering advice and guidance to the university students and staff.


Handbook of Research on Operational Quality Assurance in Higher Education for Life-Long Learning
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2020. 406 pages.
Previously, key levers of higher education have seemed to be the learning organization, work-integrated learning for life-long learning, and learner-centered pedagogy. However...
Key Processes for the Performance of Work-Integrated Learning in HE: Focusing on Talents With a Winning-Foursome
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2020. 32 pages.
In a changing business market due to state regulation, funding reductions, and generation evolution, HE providers target a high level of operational learning performance. Work...
Educational Serious Games Enhance Social Intelligence Through Collective Action: Issue of Digital Transition Might Change Paradigms
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2020. 31 pages.
Pedagogical serious games sound like up-to-date pedagogical devices for learning efficiency. But the challenge of higher performance in HE lies in tailored pedagogical devices...
Multi-Perspective Concept Mapping in a Digital Integrated Learning Environment: Promote Active Learning Through Shared Perspectives
Walter Nuninger, Claudia Picardi, Annamaria Goy, Giovanna Petrone. © 2019. 31 pages.
Improving higher education requires a pedagogical transformation of the trainers but also of the learners committed in their learning activities. In the framework of distance...
Handbook of Research on Quality Assurance and Value Management in Higher Education
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2016. 458 pages.
The management of quality and sustainability in higher education institutions ensures that proper standards are maintained. Such enforced standardization allows for the highest...