Wes Sharrock

Wes Sharrock has been at the University of Manchester since 1965. He has been Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, and Professor in Sociology there. His main interests are in the philosophy of social science, philosophy of mind, sociological theory, studies of work and science, and ethnomethodology. Current researches are into the organisation of work in constructing online ontologies in bioinformatics. He currently supervises 5 PhD students and has supervised over fifty successful PhDs. Among recent and forthcoming publications are: Ethnomethodology at Work, edited by M. Rouncefield and P. Tolmie, Ashgate 2011 (co-authored introduction and conclusion, authored chapter on division of labour); Studies of Work and the Workplace in HCI: Concepts and Techniques (2009) with G. Button, Morgan Claypool; There is No Such Thing as Social Science (2008) with P. Hutchinson and R. Read, Ashgate 2008.


Handbook of Research on Computational Science and Engineering: Theory and Practice
J. Leng, Wes Sharrock. © 2012. 987 pages.
By using computer simulations in research and development, computational science and engineering (CSE) allows empirical inquiry where traditional experimentation and methods of...
Visualization: Future Technology and Practices for Computational Science and Engineering
Joanna Leng, Theresa-Marie Rhyne, Wes Sharrock. © 2012. 33 pages.
This chapter focuses on state of the art at the intersection of visualization and CSE. From understanding current trends it looks to future applications for these technologies....
The State of Development of CSE
Joanna Leng, Wes Sharrock. © 2012. 25 pages.
Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is an emerging, rapidly developing, and potentially very significant force in changing scientific practice by offering a “third way”...
Visualization in Support of Social Networking on the Web
J. Leng, Wes Sharrock. © 2010. 20 pages.
In this chapter the authors explore the contributioSocial Media Marketing Web X.0 of Opportunities Baruh, Lemi Kadir Has University, Turkeydevelopment of user-manipulable...
Collaborative Practices in Computer-Aided Academic Research
J. Leng, Wes Sharrock. © 2010. 22 pages.
Chapter 16 focuses on sharing information through global communication systems in the context of computer-aided academic research: more specifically, on cross-disciplinary...
Visualization in Support of Social Networking on the Web
J. Leng, Wes Sharrock. © 2009. 20 pages.
In this chapter the authors explore the contribution visualization can make to the new interfaces of the Semantic Web in terms of the quality of presentation of content. In doing...