William Ritke-Jones

William Ritke-Jones is the President and Principal of CyberMations Consulting Group in Boston, MA. CyberMations designs, develops and implements organizational and team growth initiatives as well as distance learning programs for corporations. These initiatives transform people, teams and organizations into those that are high-functioning, collaborative and democratic and that can reach their highest creative and productive potential. Ritke-Jones has designed online learning programs that integrate a variety of tools for eight years. Much of his work and research on education has been on education in virtual realities. This work started when he was the co-wizard of Oak MOO at Indiana University of Pennsylvania from 2001-2003 and continues with his research on designing corporate education in virtual worlds.


Virtual Environments for Corporate Education: Employee Learning and Solutions
William Ritke-Jones. © 2010. 426 pages.
Corporations are beginning to see the educational potential of virtual realities in the workplace. Thanks to its unique characteristics as well as its ability to bring dispersed...