Young Kyun Baek

Young Baek is a Professor of Educational Technology at Korea National University of Education. He has been teaching since 1991. Previously, he worked at Korea Educational Development Institute. His research interests are on educational games, simulation, and mobile devices in education. He has presented several papers at SITE, NECC, AERA, and OECD Expert Meeting on gaming and simulations. Recently, he published two books on educational games and wrote several book chapters. Now he is doing a study on how to use games and simulations in formal education settings.


Gaming for Classroom-Based Learning: Digital Role Playing as a Motivator of Study
Young Kyun Baek. © 2010. 358 pages.
In order to effectively use games in the classroom, teachers and parents need to agree on games' positive functions toward students' learning, decide and select good...
Digital Simulations for Improving Education: Learning Through Artificial Teaching Environments
David Gibson, Young Kyun Baek. © 2009. 540 pages.
Artificial instructional methods now provide the learning community with exercise specific teaching skills and learning situations that strengthen educator instincts and...