Youssef Elhaoussine

Youssef ElhaoussineElhaoussine Youssef is a researcher and professional from France. He has a scientific background in Physics, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He has been working in China for more than 5 years as a production manager for a French printing consumables retailer, developing a manufacturer network and monitoring production in China and Europe. In 2013, he decided to pursue an academic career. His research focused on consumer behavior in China. After that, he became a researcher for the Sun Yat-sen International School of Business and Finance, specializing in B2B branding strategies for Chinese factories and the Belt and Road Initiative. He is regularly invited by trade organizations to provide the latest developments on brand strategies. He is now an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business and Management of BNU-HKBU United International College.


Cases on Chinese Unicorns and the Development of Startups
Youssef Elhaoussine, Henni Appelgryn, Lulu Wang. © 2024. 350 pages.
In today's dynamic landscape of global entrepreneurship, understanding the intricacies of China's burgeoning startup ecosystem poses a significant challenge for scholars...
Youssef Elhaoussine, Lulu Wang. © 2023. 8 pages.
This Preface is included in the book Cases on Social Justice in China and Perspectives on Chinese Brands.
Leveraging Blockchain Technology in the Value Chain and the Supply Chain: Cases on Blockchain Applications Within Chinese Firms
Youssef Elhaoussine, Yuhan Hu, Yihao Ma. © 2023. 23 pages.
The chapter will discuss and present four Chinese companies leveraging blockchain technology within their value chain and supply chain to strengthen their business and generate...
Reflection on the Latent Role of Institutional Trust for the Adoption of Cryptocurrencies: Cases on Bitcoin, JP Morgan Coin, Diem, and Japanese Listed Cryptocurrencies
Youssef Elhaoussine, Yihao Ma, Yuhan Hu. © 2023. 13 pages.
Cryptocurrencies emerged with Bitcoin as a decentralized currency bringing freedom from institutions as well as uncertainty. Since then, lots of new cryptocurrencies have...
The Role of Government Regulations on Business Practices in China: Impact and Lessons for Global Sustainability
Youssef Elhaoussine, YiJiao Du, Huanchen Jia. © 2023. 20 pages.
As a growing major economic global power, China is currently dealing with pressing environmental issues necessitating the adoption of sustainable business practices. This review...
Ingredient Branding Strategy to Improve Brand Attitude for Chinese Brands Suffering From Country-of-Origin Effect in Foreign Markets: An Empirical Study on BYD Tang Electric Vehicle Model
Youssef Elhaoussine, Wanjin Li, Yixuan Li. © 2023. 31 pages.
This study aims to investigate the impact of brand attributes and celebrity endorsement on foreign consumers' brand attitude towards the Chinese automotive brand BYD and its...
Memorandum for the Integration of Practical Context in the Business Curriculum Through the Use of a Tailored Social Media Platform
Youssef Elhaoussine. © 2022. 10 pages.
The chapter is a memorandum to advocate for the adjustment of business course curriculum from a theoretical bottom line course progression to a more dual bottom line course...
The Role in Interpersonal Competency on Online vs. Offline Shopping: A Study Conducted in China
Youssef Elhaoussine. © 2022. 20 pages.
This research investigates the role of interpersonal competency on online versus offline behavior. Three experiments were conducted, comparing the intention of two groups of...
Manufacturer Service-Oriented Strategy: A New Source of Competitive Advantage in Homogenous Industrial Markets
Youssef Elhaoussine. © 2021. 17 pages.
This chapter develops a new hybrid manufacturing service-based marketing strategy for manufacturers evolving in a homogenous market. First, by using the Porter's value chain...