Yulita Hanum P. Iskandar

Yulita Hanum Iskandar is a Senior Lecturer in Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia. She currently teaches ‘Management Information Systems’ and ‘Technology Management’ for postgraduates and specializes in research related to technological and innovation.


Influences on the Decision to Implement Electronic Health Records in Indonesia
Ahmad Said, Yulita Hanum P. Iskandar. © 2024. 17 pages.
Healthcare systems around the world are challenged by facing the COVID-19 outbreak. The expectation of high-quality care in hospitals, coupled with an aging population and more...
A Conceptual Model of Emerging Mobile Travel Apps for Smart Tourism Among Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z
Phoebe Yueng Hee Sia, Siti Salina Saidin, Yulita Hanum P. Iskandar. © 2022. 32 pages.
Mobile travel apps are essential tools in trip planning; they provide local insights and recommendation on destinations. Smart tourism features the extensive use of information...
Bolstering the Pedagogies of Orthodontic Education Using Smart Technologies
Gururajaprasad Kaggal Lakshmana Rao, Yulita Hanum P. Iskandar, Norehan Mokhtar. © 2022. 29 pages.
Learning has not only intrigued but has kindled human curiosity as it is the basis with which one interacts and exchanges emotions and shares societal values. To understand this...
Enabling Training in Orthodontics Through Mobile Augmented Reality: A Novel Perspective
Gururajaprasad Kaggal Lakshmana Rao, Yulita Hanum P. Iskandar, Norehan Mokhtar. © 2020. 36 pages.
Orthodontic education, which currently emphasizes a didactic and apprenticeship approach, is facing numerous pedagogical challenges that affect knowledge delivery and...
Mobile Travel Apps and Generation Y in Malaysia: An Empirical Evidence to Understanding the Factors Influencing the Intention to Use
Yulita Hanum P. Iskandar, Phoebe Yueng Hee Sia. © 2020. 25 pages.
Modern travelers prefer an easy and enjoyable experience upon travelling. According to several surveys, over 25% of respondents have installed mobile travel apps on their...