Zeynep Altan

Zeynep Altan graduated from Istanbul Technical University as Mathematical Engineer. She completed her master studies at the Institute of Science and Technology System Analysis Department at Istanbul Technical University. She received her doctorate degree at Numerical Methods Program at Istanbul University. Until 2002, she taught at the Department of Computer Engineering at Istanbul University. Since 2013, she is the head of Software Engineering Department at Beykent University. Her research interests include software engineering, theory of computation and natural language processing. She has many studies published in several journals and conferences, and a lecture book on formal language and automata theory.


Applications and Approaches to Object-Oriented Software Design: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Zeynep Altan. © 2020. 238 pages.
In today’s modernized environment, a growing number of software companies are changing their traditional engineering approaches in response to the rapid development of computing...
The Role of Science, Technology, and the Individual on the Way of Software Systems Since 1968
Zeynep Altan. © 2020. 33 pages.
The NATO conference held in Garmisch in 1968 was on the future of the computer and software world, and it presented the process of realization of what has been talked about in...
A Managerial Perspective for the Software Development Process: Achieving Software Product Quality by the Theory of Constraints
Semra Birgün, Zeynep Altan. © 2019. 24 pages.
The companies will become the center of business with the Industry 4.0 revolution implementing IT integration, cloud-based applications, data management, rapid decision-making...