Advanced Brain Tumor Detection System

Advanced Brain Tumor Detection System

Monica S. Kumar, Swathi K. Bhat, Vaishali R. Thakare
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/IJFC.2020070103
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Brain tumor segmentation and detection is one of the most critical parts in the field of medical regions. Tumor is a cancer type that can be visible in any part of the body in case of primary and secondary tumor. The different type of brain tumor is glioma, benign, malignant, meningioma. This research helps in retrieving the tumor region in the brain with the help of 2D MRI images. The system predicts using MATLAB which is a programming platform and analyze the tumor from different method like canny edge, Otsu's binary, fuzzy c-means (FCM), and k-means clustering to improve the borders using the pixel technique. Using convolution neural network (CNN), neural network, and natural language processing, the system detects brain tumor based on the pre-processing and post-processing feature. Moreover, the authors figure out which tumor affected is the most important feature to protect the lifespan in the initial stages. Finally, it acknowledges the result in the mail format to the doctor or patient.
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A tumor can be defined as any mass caused by abnormal or uncontrolled growth of the cells. This mass of tumor grows within the skull, due to which normal brain activity is hampered which if not detected in earlier stages, can take away the person’s life. Hence it is very important to detect the brain tumor as early as possible. There are many types of a brain tumor which are classified into the primary and secondary brain tumor. In primary brain tumors, it can be (benign) tumor which is noncancerous and they are described as low grade or high grade. A low-grade tumor generally grows slowly. The Secondary tumor-like (Malignant, Meningioma) which is the cancerous tumor. These cancers, it can occur in any part of the body like breast, lung, or colon, and then spread to the brain. In Table 1 it explains in different types of tumours.

Table 1 describes the symptoms of brain tumor includes headache, seizure, hemiparesis and mental status abnormalities.based on the symptoms the brain tumor is divided into different types of tumors they are low-grade glimoa, maligant glimoa, meningioma, primary central nervous system lymphoma.

Table 1.
Symptoms of brain tumor
   Symptoms   Tumor types
   Low-Grade Glioma   Malignant Glioma   Meningioma   Primary central nervous system lymphoma
   Headache   40   50   36   35
   Seizure   65-95   15-25   40   17
   Hemiparesis   5-15   30-50   22   24
   Mental Status abnormalities   10   40-60   21   61


Brain Tumor they usually occur in the brain in different types. Initially, doctors test the whole body when they start this process is called metastasis (Hazra et. al., 2017). In general, brain tumors usually detected using MRI images, CT scans, and many other resources. When these detect tumors in the brain they perform biopsy or surgery to remove the tumor.

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