Agricultural Environment Information Management

Agricultural Environment Information Management

Xi Cai (Chongqing Technology and Business Institute, Chongqing, China)
DOI: 10.4018/IJAEIS.2020070104


ZigBee communication technology was used to design the internal information transmission system of intelligent gateway in the monitoring system. Finally, the system was used to detect the changes of temperature and humidity in the environment in real time for verification. The results showed that Amazon AWS cloud service platform was used to build the monitoring system, while the application layer used Spring MVC system framework in J2EE platform to realize the storage of perception data, control of equipment, and analysis of data, and developed the DEMO system by using Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL database and RDS database to jointly store data. The results of this study show that the agricultural environment IOT monitoring system based on cloud computing can better realize the monitoring of relevant parameters in the crop environment, and can lay a foundation for the development of agricultural technology of follow-up facilities.
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1. Introduction

With only 7% of the world's arable land, China feeds 22% of the world's population. According to statistics, the annual use of pesticides in China is about 1.8 million tons, far beyond the world average level of pesticide use, which greatly aggravates the pollution of soil and water in China. Lai (2017) and Liu et al. (2018) revealed that in order to realize the sustainable development of agriculture, the development of facility agriculture and modern agriculture has gradually attracted extensive attention. Facility agriculture can improve the air temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, soil humidity and other factors directly affecting the growth of crops in the growing environment so that it can maintain a relatively stable and controllable range. According to Wang et al. (2018), this technology ensures the growth needs of the crops, provides the optimum environment, and achieves the high yield of the crops. Modern agricultural technology is a method to apply the advanced science and technology, production materials, and manage the agricultural production process with scientific management means. With the continuous development of computer technology and the extensive application of network information technology, based on the world Internet, the research and application of “IOT” technology in the “third information technology revolution” has reached a climax. At present, the application of IOT technology for agricultural information management has made great achievements.

IoT technology is a method that can realize intelligent information management and control through network perception, identification, transmission, analysis, and control. In the modern agricultural production process, Zhang et al. (2017) pointed out that IoT technology is used to detect the light intensity and other data in the production environment of crops, which are processed and transmitted to the cloud platform of agricultural IoT. A study showed that cloud computing in the cloud platform can analyze, process and display the obtained agricultural information data in real-time. And intelligent decision feedback was made to the user to achieve real-time monitoring of agricultural production process and automation and intelligent management of production facilities, so that crops have been in a relatively superior and appropriate environment for production, and thereby obtain the maximum production benefits (Wang et al., 2017).

To respond to and promote the development of agricultural IoT in China, the integrated application of IOT technology and cloud computing platform in modern agricultural production process are realized. In this research, the functional structure of agricultural environment IoT monitoring system was designed and constructed, and the hierarchical framework of agricultural environment IoT monitoring system based on cloud computing was designed. Finally, the intelligent gateway system in the agricultural environment IoT monitoring system was designed based on ZigBee technology. The results lay a foundation for the study of real-time detection of the growing environment of crops by using the IoT technology and cloud computing platform in the process of agricultural production.

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