Channel Conflict and Management of O2O Network Marketing Model Under E-Commerce Exploration of Ideas

Channel Conflict and Management of O2O Network Marketing Model Under E-Commerce Exploration of Ideas

Rafia Sber
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DOI: 10.4018/IJCEWM.312227
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With the continuous updating of Internet technology, the Internet has gradually become popular, and e-commerce has also ushered in new development opportunities. It has gradually evolved from electronic retail price segments and electronic trade to modern online. The transaction mode has become an important means of communication for the development of the industry. As a new type of activity, e-commerce forms a brand-new informatization model for the production, procurement, and sales of enterprises. Therefore, this paper will analyze the channel conflict of the offline to online (O2O) network marketing model under e-commerce, and propose specific management strategies.
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1. Introduction

After the Internet and cloud computing, big data has An important technological change, setting off an e-commerce boom tide. Many companies have entered the field of e-commerce In-depth development, but in the face of many virtual trading environments, how can Only in this way can we establish and promote our own brand and increase product sales (Akomea-Frimpong et al. 2021; Baloch et al. 2020). This is an issue that contemporary enterprises attach great importance to. One The perfect network marketing model is particularly important in the development of enterprises for important. Application in O2O e-commerce network marketing model Under the current situation, many companies have multiple channel conflicts. Because Therefore, this paper analyzes the O2O network marketing model under e-commerce. research on channel conflict and management methods, has important significance (Cho et al. 2015).

1.1. Overview of O2O E-Commerce Network Marketing Model

O2O is an emerging model derived from the current Internet mode, mainly means that under the action of the mobile Internet, the A business model that interacts with online and offline. Can In order to understand, the enterprise will integrate product information and service information, etc. Display through online platforms and use data to analyze consumption consumers’ preferences, attract consumers through certain means, and enter to achieve the purpose of selling goods. is a new type of branch The payment model is also a way to increase customer flow for store owners. Its online understanding and offline purchase model is conducive to consumer Consumers consume safely and improve their consumption concepts (Clark et al. 2019). this luck The business model has had a huge impact on traditional business, but it has also opened up new business changes.

1.2. Channels of O2O Network Marketing Model under E-Commerce Road Conflict

In the coexistence of traditional marketing mode and network marketing mode Below, there are two conflicts. First, many companies are When conducting the O2O model test, it is mainly to combine the corporate brand, Consumer preference is the first goal of development, ignoring sales and business benefits. Offline is mainly for information consultation to and services as the main direction of work. Second, in To achieve goals, personnel allocation, resource supply, and customer Maintenance work such as resources has caused conflicts between online and brick-and-mortar stores Sudden (Clark et al. 2019).

In the marketing process, due to the different cultures, Background, living environment, online and offline members have different roles and have different views on specific events and attitudes, most of them think about problems from their own perspective. For online orders, offline personnel are required to make purchases or When distribution, the physical store does not have reasonable personnel arrangements (Clayton et al. 2021; Dong et al. 2021; Engström et al. 2020). Delivery is not timely or other problems. For example, for customers When providing information services, offline brick-and-mortar stores are very opposed to Online personnel who provide services for them are considered to have affected the actual situation normal operation of the store.

From management organization, financial management, performance appraisal, production There are great conflicts in the systems of product procurement and profit distribution. Due to the different organizational structure of online and offline marketing, this pair of business The product brings many problems before and after the normal sale, such as Online products need to be returned, how to deal with physical stores, and another Some virtual online stores, enterprises are relatively physical when conducting assessments Stores are relatively loose, resulting in offline brick-and-mortar stores and online online stores Competition is created, reducing service quality and efficiency [7-10].

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