Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Network Marketing Performance in O2O Model-Measuring by GIOWA Operator

Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Network Marketing Performance in O2O Model-Measuring by GIOWA Operator

Wanxin Xue, Yilei Pei, Dandan Li
Copyright: © 2014 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/jeco.2014100102
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O2O is a new E-Commerce model, and has become an important strategy for the development of enterprises, which can improve not only corporate performance, but also corporate recognition through the combination of online and offline interaction. How to evaluate the effect of network marketing in O2O model scientifically and effectively will become the new research focus. Based on the GIOWA operator method, this paper determines important indicators of evaluating network marketing performance in O2O model, establishes the comprehensive evaluation system of network marketing performance in O2O model, and uses the AHP method to determine weights. Through the example, this method can be effectively applied to the evaluation of network marketing performance in O2O model of enterprises.
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1. Introduction

O2O model is proposed by foreign scholar Alex Rampell and is a model which combines ‘online shop’ and ‘physical store’ together, which can seize a number of potential impulse consumers, utilizing features such as the portability of mobile means, the uniqueness of user identity and the traceability of user position. O2O model uses new technical means and product modes to identify target users and aims at markets to bring new business opportunities for enterprises (Bravo et al., 2011). These consumers don’t coincide with conventional consumers from traditional stores based on commercial circle. The personalization of consumer groups is more obvious, and the cost for getting online users is far less than users from physical stores. O2O model focuses more on using the internet to project fragmented content and information each other, so as to find the target population accurately (Hahn & Kim, 2009).

Management expert Drucker pointed out that ‘marketing aims at understanding customer needs in depth, then constantly improving products and services, and realizing the self marketing of products finally. This is an era of information fragmentation. Marketers need to dig out customers’ potential needs from different perspectives and build relationships with customers, and establish the idea of overall marketing. The objective of marketing activities is to maximize customer value. Marketers need to conduct in-depth marketing through O2O model, turn from one-way communication to two-way interaction in marketing methods, increase user experience, from the breadth of marketing contents, marketing conditions and marketing abilities, and the relationships among them, and combine word-of-mouth marketing, interactive marketing, hunger marketing, experiential marketing, relationship marketing to use, so as to achieve the interaction between online and offline channels. O2O marketing focuses more on behaviors in the transmission process, displays the content of product in a suitable channel, makes consumers be interested in them, and generates consumer behaviors (Zhang, 2013). Evaluation of Network marketing performance is a necessary task that enterprises must carry out. How to evaluate the effect of network marketing is an important topic in the development of network marketing. Marketing performance evaluation is beneficial to improving enterprises' marketing. Enterprises can use the performance evaluation system to conduct the cost-effectiveness evaluation regularly, understand the status quo of network marketing, and take effective measures to improve network marketing performance continually. Although enterprises attach great importance to the evaluation of network marketing performance, which is affected by the ambiguity of evaluation goal, the uncertainty of evaluation method, the inconsistency of evaluation standard, and the factor that evaluation data is not objective, it is hard to define the effect of network marketing clearly. There is still a lack of evaluation indicators in accordance with the actual situation of enterprise marketing and with strong operability. And there is a certain difficulty in research and practice of performance evaluation of network marketing. This paper uses GIOWA operator method to evaluate network marketing performance in O2O model.

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