Study on Chinese Low Carbon Economic Model

Study on Chinese Low Carbon Economic Model

Huifeng Li, Xiaofang Wang
DOI: 10.4018/jabim.2010100105
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Global warming, which is caused by over consumption of fossil energy during economic development in human society, threatens global ecological balance, tampers social and economic development, imperils energy security, ecological safety, water and food safety, and endangers the entire human race. Low carbon economy is a new economic development model based on low energy consumption, low pollution, and low-emission-based. This paper analyzes the Status quo and Limits of the Chinese Low Carbon Economy, making deep research on Design and Implementation Strategy of Chinese Low Carbon Economic model.
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Research On Connotations And Features

Low carbon economy was first found in Our Energy Future, Creating a Low Carbon Economy, British energy white book of 2003. The energy white book notes that through less natural consumption and less environmental pollution, carbon economy produces more economic outputs, creates new business opportunities and more jobs. The report In the Black: The Growth of the Low Carbon Economy issued by the Climate Group summarizes market development, analyzes benefits brought by low carbon mode, and makes the conclusion that the new mode turns out higher investment return by largely increasing output, shortening production period, enhancing production reliance, promoting product quality, improving working environment, and heating staff passion.

According to Zhuang (2005), one of the earliest Chinese scholars who study low carbon economy, the so-called low carbon economy is essentially to deal with energy efficiency and clean energy structure, focus on technological and institutional innovation, and aim to decelerate climate change and realize sustainable development. Bao (2007) points out that carbon emission amount has become a new index to evaluate economic growth mode, the new index will change modern industrial civilization based on fossil energy in all-round way, and the world will shift to ecological economy and civilization. Liu (2009) believes low carbon economy in modern times is a rational human choice to balance economic growth and welfare improvement, and economic development and environmental protection, and is a kind of reasonable cognition of harmonious relations between mankind and nature, mankind and society, and people and people.

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