Total Quality Management in Tourism Companies: A Field Study of the Views of a Sample of Top Management in First-Class Hotels in Riyadh

Total Quality Management in Tourism Companies: A Field Study of the Views of a Sample of Top Management in First-Class Hotels in Riyadh

Alaa Hussein Ali Alsrabi
DOI: 10.4018/jabim.2013070101
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This study is to identify the extent of interest and convinced top management of hotels and application levels of Total Quality Management, as well as prepare and accept the application of Total Quality Management, and indicate the top management support for the application of Total Quality Management And applying this to a sample of employees in high level management for a group of first-class hotels operating in the city of Riyadh, the study finds that the hotels surveyed apply total quality management in all its dimensions and a high level As results indicated when asked the sample of what considerations affecting about their conviction and willingness applying total quality management results were approved college about the need for a system of incentives appropriately lead to improved process quality tourism, and improve the competitive position of the hotels. When asked the sample over the impact of work teams the answers are as follows It is considered The study also concluded a set of recommendations and which ones need to find the appropriate information system will provide hotel management and Forums all the supporting data and information to activate the principle of making decisions based on facts and correct information that the formation of a team work helps to solve various problems.
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1. Introduction

Global and local Organization is facing many of changes and challenges, whether industrial or service organizations. And called for these challenges to the emergence of new concepts in the management of organizations seeking to achieve the goal of survive and thrive in the world of competition and that change traditional techniques that do not fit with what face organizations of challenges, and embrace the concepts of modern management enable the organization to deal with the challenges that direction and overcome to achieve a level best performance. The concept of total quality management of modern management concepts based on a set of principles which can be any management to be adopted, including hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to achieve the best performance.

Total Quality Management (TQM) are to be of interest to deep thanks to his abilities and potential developmental push up organizations managers to re-define their responsibilities and their applications process that is certainly working to achieve organizational goals more efficiently and better, adding for that this administration has worked to establish the concept is very important and enabled managers to accommodate the variables except a continuous quality improvement for all processes and not just the final product, and managed organizations that work in accordance with this concept to achieve distinction and stay in an environment stability.

It is no doubt that the application of total quality management needs to substrates strong underlying and one of these pillars is creativity and innovation in processes and product, which now constitutes one of the most important priorities competitiveness and the main driver for organizations to continue and achieve a market share of rival As is well known that tourism enterprises are generator key the donor powers of creativity so what do human and material efforts within the framework of work tasks tourist find justifications clear when success is achieved in the management of its activities efficiently.

So the tourism activity in general and hotels more accurately to prove throughout the stages of human evolution active role and significant in raising the rates of all sectors of society to the fact that the common denominator among them is creativity and continuous monitoring of the cases that constitute a point to initiate new areas, and tourism enterprises by virtue of fulfilling her a set of functions which operate on attract situations that require taking the position actor direction has become a strong competitive field, and through the efforts of those who made it to the service of tourism and the environment and society, and assert its role in the creation of sources of innovation and creativity all that work to strengthen its position.

Hence, coordination between tourism enterprises and sectors of society become an urgent necessity in today's world through its role in the exercise of the functions of expertise and development and create opportunities to achieve an excellent level of competition, and areas that have gained a great deal of focus and attention to achieving interaction required is quality.

That traditional mechanisms to achieve an acceptable level of quality of the final product has become a factor inhibiting in today's world, unless it is taking the principle its new but is inclusive (ie quality include the organization as a whole at all levels regulatory and not only confined to the final product), and have been able to tourism enterprises that improved their growth rates improving To service (which represent their product basis) and high quality and through subjecting its operations to tourist standards consistent with the level of quality to be achieved.

Turning to the application of total quality in tourism enterprises, the one the major problems facing often is the faith and conviction leadership level where the role of the subject, and the growing issue important and complex both in line with the growth of tourism and increasing energies of human and material, and in light of the role of this department has become does not mean simply adding to the development process, but must be at the core of all business functions institution tourist, is indispensable for the required support from the leadership level in improving the quality of tourism services and the growing number of beneficiaries of such services, has been awarded quality management leadership level the possibility of monitoring the areas of responsibilities better and taking appropriate action in a timely manner.

So this research is modest attempt to point out on the concept of total quality management and a clear leadership role in the adoption of these roles in the hotel and tourism organizations and discuss the possibility of the application.

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