Advances in Finance, Accounting, and Economics (AFAE): 73 Volumes

Series Editor(s): Ahmed Driouchi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco)
ISSN: 2327-5677|EISSN: 2327-5685
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In our changing economic and business environment, it is important to consider the financial changes occurring internationally as well as within individual organizations and business environments. Understanding these changes as well as the factors that influence them is crucial in preparing for our financial future and ensuring economic sustainability and growth.

The Advances in Finance, Accounting, and Economics (AFAE) book series aims to publish comprehensive and informative titles in all areas of economics and economic theory, finance, and accounting to assist in advancing the available knowledge and providing for further research development in these dynamic fields.

Topics Covered

  • Accounting information systems
  • Accounting Standards
  • Applied Accounting
  • Applied economics
  • Applied Finance
  • Auditing
  • Banking
  • Bankruptcy
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Borrowing and Lending
  • Comparative Accounting Systems
  • Corporate Finance
  • Development Economics
  • E-Accounting
  • E-finance
  • Economic Downturn
  • Economic Indices and Quantitative Economic Methods
  • Economic Policy
  • Economic Theory
  • Economics Geography
  • Economics of Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Economics of Innovation and Knowledge
  • Economics of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Economics of Migration and Spatial Mobility
  • Economics of Natural and Environmental Resources
  • Economics of Risks, Uncertainty, Ambiguity, and Insurance
  • Entrepreneurship in Accounting and Finance
  • Environmental and Social Accounting
  • Ethics in Accounting and Finance
  • Evidence-Based Studies
  • Field Research
  • Finance
  • Finance and Accounting in SMEs
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Health Economics
  • Interest Rates and Annuities
  • International Economics
  • International Trade
  • Internet Banking
  • Investments and Derivatives
  • Labor Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Microfinance
  • Public Finance
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Stock Market
  • Taxes
  • Theoretical Issues in Economics, Finance, and Accounting
  • Wages and Employment

Titles in Series

Handbook of Research on Microfinancial Impacts on Women Empowerment, Poverty, and Inequality
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, India)
Copyright © 2019. 500 pages.
One of the major tools of attaining proper development all around the world is complete financial inclusion, such that all classes of people can secure their lifesty...
Techno-Social Systems for Modern Economical and Governmental Infrastructures
Alexander Troussov (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia), Sergey Maruev (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration; Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Russia)
Copyright © 2019. 285 pages.
Applications have transformed the collaboration environment from a mere document collection into a highly interconnected social space. These systems interoperate wit...
Perspectives, Trends, and Applications in Corporate Finance and Accounting
Constantin Zopounidis (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Apostolos G. Christopoulos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece), Petros Kalantonis (Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Piraeus, Greece)
Copyright © 2018. 315 pages.
Financial analyses, investments, and accounting practices are continually developing and improving areas that have seen significant advancements in the past century....
Microfinance and Its Impact on Entrepreneurial Development, Sustainability, and Inclusive Growth
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, India)
Copyright © 2018. 400 pages.
Microfinance is a broad variety of services, such as microcredit, for entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and other financial services. As m...
Maintaining Sustainable Accounting Systems in Small Business
Luísa Cagica Carvalho (Open University, Portugal & University of Évora, Portugal), Elisa Truant (University of Turin, Italy)
Copyright © 2018. 360 pages.
Accounting systems and sustainability management are vital for company management and performance. This is particularly difficult for small businesses. As such, it i...
Agricultural Finance and Opportunities for Investment and Expansion
Augustine Odinakachukwu Ejiogu (Imo State University, Nigeria)
Copyright © 2018. 236 pages.
In the modern globalized economy, it is important for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the opportunity to enter diverse markets around the world. Through...
Regaining Global Stability After the Financial Crisis
Bruno Sergi (Harvard University, USA), Filip Fidanoski (University of New South Wales, Australia), Magdalena Ziolo (University of Szczecin, Poland), Vladimir Naumovski (University American College Skopje, Macedonia)
Copyright © 2018. 383 pages.
The prosperity and stability of any economic structure is reliant upon a foundation of secure systems that regulate the movement of money across the globe. These str...
Employment Protection Legislation in Emerging Economies
Samir Amine (Universite du Quebec en Outaouais, Canada)
Copyright © 2018. 301 pages.
New developments in legislation have increased the availability of employment. These advances result in long-term improvement of economic and sustainable development...
Fractal Approaches for Modeling Financial Assets and Predicting Crises
Inna Nekrasova (Southern Federal University, Russia), Oxana Karnaukhova (Southern Federal University, Russia), Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA)
Copyright © 2018. 306 pages.
In an ever-changing economy, market specialists strive to find new ways to evaluate the risks and potential reward of economic ventures. They start by assessing the...
Regulation and Structure in Economic Virtualization: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Denis Ushakov (Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand)
Copyright © 2018. 238 pages.
Since the popularization of Internet access and use, businesses have moved to create and include electronic markets to reach a larger customer base. These electronic...
Accountancy and the Changing Landscape of Integrated Reporting
Ioana Dragu (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania)
Copyright © 2018. 303 pages.
In the banking industry, inaccurate record keeping can generate negative consequences. By developing solutions to address such issues, financial reporting initiative...
Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Opportunities for Developing Economies in the World Market
Venkataramanaiah Malepati (University of Gondar, Ethiopia), C. Mangala Gowri (University of Gondar, Ethiopia)
Copyright © 2018. 315 pages.
The role of foreign direct investment initiatives is pivotal to effective enterprise development. This is particularly vital to emerging economies that are building...
Economic Growth in Latin America and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis
Mauricio Garita (Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala), Celso Fernando Cerezo Bregni (Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala)
Copyright © 2018. 240 pages.
As the global financial crisis has touched the entire world, it is important for entrepreneurs, government officials, and researchers to reflect on its long-lasting...
Uncertainties and Risk Assessment in Trade Relations
Marianne Ojo (George Mason University, USA)
Copyright © 2018. 385 pages.
Country’s affairs are greatly impacted by shifts in government; thus, the availability of research on current happenings within governmental policy and relations is...
Economic Reforms for Global Competitiveness
Denis Ushakov (International College Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand & Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration–South, Russia)
Copyright © 2018. 363 pages.
Reforms are a necessary part of social and economic regulation. Each year, political pressure for economic reform becomes more prevalent, especially from various int...
Alternative Decision-Making Models for Financial Portfolio Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Narela Spaseski (International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Copyright © 2018. 333 pages.
Economics is an integral aspect to every successful society, yet basic financial practices have gone unchanged for decades. Analyzing unconventional finance methods...
Ranking Economic Performance and Efficiency in the Global Market: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Benjamen Franklen Gussen (University of Southern Queensland, Australia & Australian Law and Economics Association, Australia)
Copyright © 2018. 372 pages.
There are numerous determinants that drive and influence economic efficiency in contemporary nations. Critical insights can be gained from developing analytical mode...
Financial Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth in Emerging Nations
Atsede Woldie (University of South Wales, UK), Brychan Thomas (University of South Wales, UK)
Copyright © 2018. 304 pages.
Entrepreneurial endeavors are a pivotal driving force behind the modern business sector. These enterprises play a significant role in the development and sustainabil...
Technological Integration as a Catalyst for Industrial Development and Economic Growth
Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA), Ülkü Yüksel (The University of Sydney Business School, Australia)
Copyright © 2017. 272 pages.
The ubiquity of new technologies has led to significant developments across the globe. By utilizing the latest available innovations, countries can optimize their in...
Handbook of Research on Economic, Financial, and Industrial Impacts on Infrastructure Development
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, India)
Copyright © 2017. 466 pages.
The infrastructure of a country has significant effects on both the lives of its citizens and its place in international markets. As such, it is imperative to develo...
Handbook of Research on Policies and Practices for Sustainable Economic Growth and Regional Development
George M. Korres (University of Aegean, Greece), Elias Kourliouros (University of Aegean, Greece), Maria P. Michailidis (University of Nicosia, Cyprus)
Copyright © 2017. 440 pages.
New developments in socio-economics aid in increased productivity of manufacturing. These advances result in long-term improvement of competitiveness and innovation....
NFC Payment Systems and the New Era of Transaction Processing
Vibha Kaw Raina (Birla Institute of Technology, India)
Copyright © 2017. 193 pages.
Advancements in technology have created more opportunities for mobile applications in modern society. In the financial realm, these innovations provide better user e...
Social, Health, and Environmental Infrastructures for Economic Growth
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, India)
Copyright © 2017. 355 pages.
The development of any contemporary economy is affected by numerous factors. By creating stable infrastructures, countries can more easily thrive in competitive inte...
Method of Systems Potential (MSP) Applications in Economics: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Grigorii Pushnoi (Independent Researcher, Russia)
Copyright © 2017. 162 pages.
Modeling techniques provide ample opportunities for progress across numerous fields. When analyzing complex systems, new methods allow for a deeper understanding of...
Outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Emerging Market Economies
Tomasz Dorożyński (University of Lodz, Poland), Anetta Kuna-Marszałek (University of Lodz, Poland)
Copyright © 2017. 377 pages.
The role of foreign direct investment initiatives is pivotal to effective enterprise development. This is particularly vital to emerging economies that are building...
Measuring Sustainable Development and Green Investments in Contemporary Economies
Mihai Mieila (Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania)
Copyright © 2017. 250 pages.
Sustainability is becoming an increasingly urgent factor in all areas of life, and its effect on contemporary economies can be vast. Sustainable development can trul...
Handbook of Research on Unemployment and Labor Market Sustainability in the Era of Globalization
Füsun Yenilmez (Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Turkey), Esin Kılıç (Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2017. 474 pages.
The effective utilization of available resources is a pivotal factor for production levels in modern business environments. However, when resources are limited or in...
Business Infrastructure for Sustainability in Developing Economies
Nilanjan Ray (Netaji Mahavidyalaya, India)
Copyright © 2017. 343 pages.
Economic growth is one of the primary goals for all countries. There are many factors that contribute to a healthy and stable economy, and studying these emerging me...
Applied Behavioral Economics Research and Trends
Rodica Ianole (University of Bucharest, Romania)
Copyright © 2017. 255 pages.
Interdisciplinary factors in the modern business realm have significant impacts on economic agents within organizations. These behavioral influences affect multiple...
Value Relevance of Accounting Information in Capital Markets
Marianne Ojo (George Mason University, USA), Jeanette Van Akkeren (QUT School of Accountancy, Australia)
Copyright © 2017. 323 pages.
Among banking industries and insurance and security sectors, systemic risk and information uncertainty can generate negative consequences. By developing solutions to...
Examining the Role of National Promotional Banks in the European Economy: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Iustina Alina Boitan (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania)
Copyright © 2017. 184 pages.
Banking entities have significant involvement and impact on the structure of a nation’s economy. By utilizing the proper strategies and available data, banks can act...
Tools and Techniques for Economic Decision Analysis
Jelena Stanković (University of Niš, Serbia), Pavlos Delias (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece), Srđan Marinković (University of Niš, Serbia), Sylvie Rochhia (Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, GREDEG, France)
Copyright © 2017. 305 pages.
The success of any business relies heavily on the evaluation and improvement on current strategies and processes. Such progress can be facilitated by implementing mo...
Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business
Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA), Fatmanur Kasarcı (PryMarke Business Academy, Turkey)
Copyright © 2017. 374 pages.
As global business competition continues to accelerate, it is imperative that managers and executives examine all facets of an organization so that it remains succes...
Handbook of Research on Global Indicators of Economic and Political Convergence
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, India)
Copyright © 2016. 616 pages.
The development of a nation can be influenced by a wide range of factors. In the modern era of globalization, under-developed countries must strive to catch up to de...
Global Perspectives on Trade Integration and Economies in Transition
Vasily Erokhin (Harbin Engineering University, China)
Copyright © 2016. 407 pages.
In the era of globalization, foreign trade has an immense impact upon modern economies. To succeed in the global marketplace, sustainable development in trade practi...
Handbook of Research on Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics
José Manuel Saiz-Álvarez (Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico)
Copyright © 2016. 606 pages.
Education programs in social entrepreneurship helps to create and fill jobs devoted to developing the local economy, which has become a dual transfer strategy by whi...
Economic Modeling, Analysis, and Policy for Sustainability
Anandajit Goswami (The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India), Arabinda Mishra (ICIMOD, Nepal)
Copyright © 2016. 388 pages.
As the global economy continues to grow and change, issues concerning sustainability practices have become more prevalent. The implementation of efficient sustainabi...
Financial Market Regulations and Legal Challenges in South Asia
Amit K. Kashyap (Nirma University, India), Anjani Singh Tomar (Gujarat National Law University, India)
Copyright © 2016. 346 pages.
South Asia has experienced a long period of robust economic growth. While many regulatory policies have helped usher in this prosperous growth, some markets have pla...
Economics and Political Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards
Efobi Uchenna (Covenant University, Nigeria), Matthias Nnadi (Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria), Sailesh Tanna (Coventry University, UK), Francis Iyoha (Covenant University, Nigeria)
Copyright © 2016. 417 pages.
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are internationally-recognized financial reporting guidelines regulated by the International Accounting Standards...
International Perspectives on Socio-Economic Development in the Era of Globalization
Saurabh Sen (Sunbeam College for Women, India), Anshuman Bhattacharya (Sunbeam College for Women, India), Ruchi Sen (Sunbeam College for Women, India)
Copyright © 2016. 288 pages.
In today’s world, globalization bears intense interdependencies between countries, and the impact global business transactions have on society and economics is more...
Handbook of Research on Impacts of International Business and Political Affairs on the Global Economy
Norhayati Zakaria (Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia), Asmat-Nizam Abdul-Talib (Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia), Nazariah Osman (Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia)
Copyright © 2016. 450 pages.
The growth of global commerce depends on many different factors and strategies in order for multinational corporations to efficiently compete and thrive in the inter...
Relational Methodologies and Epistemology in Economics and Management Sciences
Lucio Biggiero (Università dell’ Aquila, Italy), Pier Paolo Angelini (Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development (CIRPS), Italy), Mario Basevi (Italian National Institute of Statistics, Italy), Nunzia Carbonara (Politecnico di Bari, Italy), Antonio Mastrogiorgio (Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development (CIRPS), Italy), Eliano Pessa (University of Pavia, Italy), Enrico Sevi (Università dell’ Aquila, Italy), Marco Valente (Università dell’ Aquila, Italy)
Copyright © 2016. 485 pages.
The social sciences, especially economics, management, and organizational science, are experiencing a tremendous renewed interest for their epistemological and metho...
Global Perspectives on Risk Management and Accounting in the Public Sector
Augusta da Conceição Santos Ferreira (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Graça Maria do Carmo Azevedo (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Jonas da Silva Oliveira (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal), Rui Pedro Figueiredo Marques (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Copyright © 2016. 510 pages.
The effects of recent economic and financial crises have reached an international scale; a number of different nations have experienced the fallout of these events,...
Handbook of Research on Comparative Economic Development Perspectives on Europe and the MENA Region
M. Mustafa Erdoğdu (Marmara University, Turkey), Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA)
Copyright © 2016. 605 pages.
The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region’s economy is experiencing steady growth and is expanding as an active participant in investments with Europe, the Amer...
Handbook of Research on Financial and Banking Crisis Prediction through Early Warning Systems
Qaiser Munir (Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia)
Copyright © 2016. 514 pages.
In the last decade, both developed nations and emerging economies have been rocked by the effects of global financial crises precipitated by a baffling range of caus...
Comparative Economics and Regional Development in Turkey
Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA), M. Mustafa Erdoğdu (Marmara University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2016. 451 pages.
The rise of globalization has affected the ways in which nations maintain sustainable development and economic prosperity. Certain countries, such as Turkey, have ev...
Analyzing the Economics of Financial Market Infrastructures
Martin Diehl (Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany), Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova (Banco de México, Mexico), Richard Heuver (De Nederlandsche Bank, The Netherlands), Serafín Martínez-Jaramillo (Banco de México, Mexico)
Copyright © 2016. 410 pages.
The prosperity and stability of any economic structure is reliant upon a foundation of secure systems that regulate the movement of money across the globe. These str...
Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics
Susanne Moore (The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation, Australia)
Copyright © 2015. 356 pages.
The rise of women in the workforce has led to many campaigns for wage equality and the impartial treatment of both sexes as they pursue careers previously designated...
Green Accounting Initiatives and Strategies for Sustainable Development
Chirața Caraiani (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania), Camelia I. Lungu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania), Cornelia Dascălu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania), Florian Colceag (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania)
Copyright © 2015. 381 pages.
In today’s society, environmental concerns are at the forefront of entrepreneurial decision-making and planning. With increased attention on an organization’s enviro...
Standardization of Financial Reporting and Accounting in Latin American Countries
Isabel Lourenço (University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal), Maria Major (University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal)
Copyright © 2015. 352 pages.
Accounting has often been described as the language of business. As the increasing competition of overseas markets begins to affect even the smallest local companies...
Promoting Socio-Economic Development through Business Integration
Shalini Kalia (IMT Ghaziabad, India), Bhavna Bhalla (IMT Ghaziabad, India), Lipi Das (IMT Ghaziabad, India), Neeraj Awasthy (IMT Ghaziabad, India)
Copyright © 2015. 413 pages.
Developing economies around the world must balance fast growth with traditional values to achieve the greatest success. Issues related to rural innovation, knowledge...
Handbook of Research on Globalization, Investment, and Growth-Implications of Confidence and Governance
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, University of Burdwan, India)
Copyright © 2015. 526 pages.
The global economic crises of recent years have offered some sobering lessons, compelling economists, political scientists, and policymakers to reconsider traditiona...
Green Economic Structures in Modern Business and Society
Andrei Jean-Vasile (Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania), Ion Raluca Andreea (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania), Turek Rahoveanu Adrian (University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania)
Copyright © 2015. 336 pages.
Environmental and sustainable development concerns permeate numerous aspects of society, including economic activity. Many countries now run their economies based on...
Handbook of Research on Behavioral Finance and Investment Strategies: Decision Making in the Financial Industry
Zeynep Copur (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2015. 525 pages.
In an ever-changing economy, market specialists strive to find new ways to evaluate the risks and potential reward of economic ventures by assessing the importance o...
Agricultural Management Strategies in a Changing Economy
Gabriel Popescu (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania), Andrei Jean-Vasile (Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania)
Copyright © 2015. 439 pages.
Research and development in agriculture is a very relevant topic in today’s society, especially given the evolution of land ownership structures and resources exploi...
Handbook of Research on In-Country Determinants and Implications of Foreign Land Acquisitions
Evans Osabuohien (Covenant University, Nigeria & German Development Institute, Germany)
Copyright © 2015. 495 pages.
Several studies have investigated the impetus and implications behind large-scale land acquisitions/deals at the global level; however, intranational factors within...
Handbook of Research on Strategic Developments and Regulatory Practice in Global Finance
Özlem Olgu (Koç University, Turkey), Hasan Dinçer (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey), Ümit Hacıoğlu (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2015. 433 pages.
The global financial crisis has called to attention the importance of financial development to economic growth as modern countries continue to struggle with debt, un...
Regional Economic Integration and the Global Financial System
Engin Sorhun (Istanbul 29 Mayis University, Turkey), Ümit Hacıoğlu (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey), Hasan Dinçer (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2015. 355 pages.
In theory, regionalism and globalization are intended to be viewed as two separate concepts. However, as long as the approaches complement each other, considering th...
Urbanization and Migration as Factors Affecting Global Economic Development
Denis Ushakov (International College Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand & Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration–South, Russia)
Copyright © 2015. 317 pages.
International migration and urbanization are potential solutions for stabilizing the global economy and bolstering local and regional economies. However, if unregula...
Handbook of Research on Developing Sustainable Value in Economics, Finance, and Marketing
Ulas Akkucuk (Bogazici University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2015. 550 pages.
In an age of rising environmental concerns, it has become necessary for businesses to pay special attention to the resources they are consuming and the long-term eff...
Handbook of Research on Economic Growth and Technological Change in Latin America
Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA)
Copyright © 2014. 504 pages.
Investment in Latin America is continuously developing in complex patterns due to the region’s increasing role in the global economy. The Handbook of Research on Eco...
Impacts of the Knowledge Society on Economic and Social Growth in Africa
Lloyd G. Adu Amoah (Ashesi University, Ghana & Strategy3, Ghana)
Copyright © 2014. 336 pages.
In a world that is essentially digitizing, some have argued that the idea of the knowledge society holds the greatest promise for Africa’s rapid socio-economic trans...
Handbook of Research on Strategic Business Infrastructure Development and Contemporary Issues in Finance
Nilanjan Ray (Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan), Kaushik Chakraborty (Netaji Mahavidyalaya, India)
Copyright © 2014. 477 pages.
The dynamic economic climate invites participants who are grounded in strategic financial management and infrastructure development. Thus, a lack of sufficient infra...
Knowledge-Based Economic Policy Development in the Arab World
Ahmed Driouchi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco)
Copyright © 2014. 355 pages.
The Arab world is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In order to keep up with the ever-progressing and expanding developments, advancements must be m...
Labor and Health Economics in the Mediterranean Region: Migration and Mobility of Medical Doctors
Ahmed Driouchi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco)
Copyright © 2014. 358 pages.
The increasing demand for health care and advances in healthcare technologies has exacerbated the present shortage of health personnel. In response to these changes,...
Economic Behavior, Game Theory, and Technology in Emerging Markets
Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA), Muslum Basilgan (Uludağ University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2014. 462 pages.
Game Theory has provided an extremely useful tool in enabling economists to venture into unknown areas. Its concepts of conflict and cooperation apply whenever the a...
Global Strategies in Banking and Finance
Hasan Dinçer (Beykent University, Turkey), Ümit Hacioğlu (Beykent University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2014. 497 pages.
In a globalized financial market, the success of an organization in one country is often inextricably linked to the economic viability of an array of other nations a...
Econometric Methods for Analyzing Economic Development
Peter V. Schaeffer (West Virginia University, USA), Eugene Kouassi (University of Cocody, Cote d'Ivoire)
Copyright © 2014. 339 pages.
Exploring and understanding the analysis of economic development is essential as global economies continue to experience extreme fluctuation. Econometrics brings tog...
Technology and Financial Crisis: Economical and Analytical Views
Ali Serhan Koyuncugil (Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Turkey), Nermin Ozgulbas (Baskent University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2013. 321 pages.
Rapid improvements and constant advancements in information technology have inevitably lead to significant changes for businesses across the globe. As a result, some...
Simulation in Computational Finance and Economics: Tools and Emerging Applications
Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova (Banco de Mexico, Mexico), Serafin Martinez-Jaramillo (Banco de Mexico, Mexico), Alma Lilia Garcia-Almanza (Banco de Mexico, Mexico), Edward Tsang (University of Essex, UK)
Copyright © 2013. 378 pages.
Simulation has become a tool difficult to substitute in many scientific areas like manufacturing, medicine, telecommunications, games, etc. Finance is one of such ar...
Information Systems for Global Financial Markets: Emerging Developments and Effects
Alexander Y. Yap (Elon University, USA)
Copyright © 2012. 436 pages.
Financial markets around the world can affect each other in a matter of seconds as financial information systems are programmed to buy or sell stocks and financial d...
Payment System Technologies and Functions: Innovations and Developments
Masashi Nakajima (Reitaku University, Japan)
Copyright © 2011. 242 pages.
Payment systems are the indispensable infrastructure for financial markets and business activities. Every commercial trade and financial transaction is finalized onl...
Advanced Technologies for Microfinance: Solutions and Challenges
Arvind Ashta (Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne, France)
Copyright © 2011. 398 pages.
In today’s global society, microfinance affords lower income individuals the opportunity to improve their economic situation through a democratic, market-based proce...

Editor(s) Biography

Ahmed Driouchi holds a PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota, as well as a “Doctorate –ès- Sciences” in Economics from the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine in Morocco.He is a professor of Applied Economics at Al Akhawayn University and also Dean of the Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies. His current work emphasizes the economics of knowledge for development, with focus on education, health, and poverty. His geographical area of research covers the Arab, MENA and the Mediterranean economies, with their relation to Europe. Ahmed has produced many different scientific articles and has spent several years looking at the economics of Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations. The most recent areas covered include market analysis of pharmaceuticals and patents besides theory and applications, and contribution to the migration of skilled labor. His active affiliation with FEMISE has been of great help to him in generating new ideas and innovative research outcomes.

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