Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology (AHSAT): 139 Volumes

Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology (AHSAT): 139 Volumes

Series Editor(s): Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
ISSN: 2328-1316|EISSN: 2328-1324
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In recent years, the societal impact of technology has been noted as we become increasingly more connected and are presented with more digital tools and devices. With the popularity of digital devices such as cell phones and tablets, it is crucial to consider the implications of our digital dependence and the presence of technology in our everyday lives.

The Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology (AHSAT) Book Series seeks to explore the ways in which society and human beings have been affected by technology and how the technological revolution has changed the way we conduct our lives as well as our behavior. The AHSAT book series aims to publish the most cutting-edge research on human behavior and interaction with technology and the ways in which the digital age is changing society.

Topics Covered

  • Activism and ICTs
  • Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Cultural Influence of ICTs
  • Cyber Behavior
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Digital Identity
  • End-User Computing
  • Gender and Technology
  • Human Development and Technology
  • Human Rights and Digitization
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • ICTs and human empowerment
  • ICTs and social change
  • Information ethics
  • Philosophy of technology
  • Public Access to ICTs
  • Technology Adoption
  • Technology and Freedom of Speech
  • Technology and Social Change
  • Technology Dependence
  • Technoself

Titles in Series

Social Innovations in Education, Environment, and Healthcare
Harish Chandra Chandan (Independent Researcher, USA)
Copyright © 2024. 483 pages.
In the 21st century, traditional approaches to societal challenges often fall short. The need for innovative solutions is palpable, grounded in the understanding tha...
Intersections Between Rights and Technology
Amit Anand (REVA University, India), Akanksha Madaan (REVA University, India), Alicia Danielsson (University of Bolton, UK & Hume Institute for Postgraduate Studies, Lausanne, Switzerland)
Copyright © 2024. 475 pages.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly reshaping global regulatory frameworks, and current discussions on privacy have been thrust into the limelight. The virtual s...
Effective Technology for Gender Equity in Business and Organizations
Dina Darwish (Ahram Canadian University, Egypt)
Copyright © 2024. 300 pages.
Despite decades of activism and efforts in society and government, women still face significant barriers to gender equality and economic empowerment in the business...
Balancing Human Rights, Social Responsibility, and Digital Ethics
Maja Pucelj (Faculty of Organisation Studies, University of Novo Mesto, Slovenia), Rado Bohinc (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Copyright © 2024. 330 pages.
The relentless march of technology has given rise to a host of ethical dilemmas, challenging established notions of privacy, human rights, and societal obligations....
Exploring Youth Studies in the Age of AI
Zeinab Zaremohzzabieh (Women and Family Studies Research Center, University of Religions and Denominations, Qom, Iran), Rusli Abdullah (Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia), Seyedali Ahrari (Women and Family Studies Research Center, University of Religions and Denominations, Iran)
Copyright © 2024. 520 pages.
In an era defined by the relentless march of technology, the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our daily lives has ushered in a transformativ...
Bridging Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility: Pathways to a Sustainable Global Society
Maja Pucelj (Faculty of Organisation Studies, University of Novo Mesto, Slovenia), Rado Bohinc (Scientific Research Centre Koper, Slovenia)
Copyright © 2024. 324 pages.
Amidst the significant societal changes defining our time, the interplay between human rights, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility has become a globa...
Driving Decentralization and Disruption With Digital Technologies
Balraj Verma (Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University, India), Babita Singla (Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University, India), Amit Mittal (Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University, India)
Copyright © 2024. 322 pages.
Amid an unprecedented digital revolution, our society grapples with profound challenges, from the upheaval of traditional global systems to the ethical implications...
Considerations on Cyber Behavior and Mass Technology in Modern Society
Paolo Beneventi (Independent Researcher, Italy)
Copyright © 2024. 271 pages.
In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, there is a strong sense of untapped potential and unfulfilled promises. People today possess an unprecedented amount of p...
AI and Emotions in Digital Society
Adrian Scribano (CONICET, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Maximiliano E. Korstanje (University of Palermo, Argentina)
Copyright © 2024. 321 pages.
In the rapidly evolving realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, a pressing issue confronts academic scholars and social scientists—the profou...
Adoption and Use of Technology Tools and Services by Economically Disadvantaged Communities: Implications for Growth and Sustainability
Alice S. Etim (Winston-Salem State University, USA)
Copyright © 2024. 383 pages.
Economically disadvantaged communities in many regions around the world are making concerted efforts to become integrated into the global information society. The ad...
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and Its Place in Society
Luiz Moutinho (University of Suffolk, UK), Luís Cavique (Universidade Aberta, Portugal), Enrique Bigné (Universitat de València, Spain)
Copyright © 2023. 439 pages.
The early 2020s have been marked by a surge of interest in artificial intelligence (AI), and it has grown to be one of the hottest topics in computer science, busine...
Cyberfeminism and Gender Violence in Social Media
Deepanjali Mishra (KIIT University, India)
Copyright © 2023. 442 pages.
Cyberfeminism and Gender Violence in Social Media is a timely and essential book that addresses the increasing violence against women on social media platforms. With...
Investigating the Impact of AI on Ethics and Spirituality
Swati Chakraborty (GLA University, India & Concordia University, Canada)
Copyright © 2023. 230 pages.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to appear in everything from writing, social media, and business to wartime or intelligence strategy. With so many applicat...
Applied Research Approaches to Technology, Healthcare, and Business
Darrell Norman Burrell (Marymount University, USA)
Copyright © 2023. 455 pages.
In our contemporary era, while diversity is acknowledged, true inclusion remains an elusive goal, as society grapples with multifaceted challenges. The "great resign...
Analyzing New Forms of Social Disorders in Modern Virtual Environments
Milica Boskovic (Faculty of Diplomacy and Security, University Union Nikola Tesla, Serbia), Gordana Misev (Ministry of Mining and Energy Republic of Serbia, Serbia), Nenad Putnik (Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Copyright © 2023. 284 pages.
Individuals exist in both the real and the virtual worlds, and it is not always clear which sphere is more important to them. Cyberspace provides many opportunities,...
Advances in Cyberology and the Advent of the Next-Gen Information Revolution
Mohd Shahid Husain (College of Applied Sciences, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Oman), Mohammad Faisal (Integral University, Lucknow, India), Halima Sadia (Integral University, Lucknow, India), Tasneem Ahmad (Advanced Computing Research Lab, Integral University, Lucknow, India), Saurabh Shukla (Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland)
Copyright © 2023. 271 pages.
The past decade has witnessed a leap in the cyber revolution around the world. Significant progress has been made across a broad spectrum of terminologies used in th...
Handbook of Research on Perspectives on Society and Technology Addiction
Rengim Sine Nazlı (Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University, Turkey), Gülşah Sari (Aksaray University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2023. 603 pages.
Internet-based technologies prevail in most of the world. Along with the positive features of digital technologies that permeate our lives in almost every area, incl...
Impact of Disruptive Technologies on the Socio-Economic Development of Emerging Countries
Fredrick Japhet Mtenzi (Institute for Educational Development, The Aga Khan University, Tanzania), George S. Oreku (The Open University of Tanzania, Tanzania), Dennis M. Lupiana (Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania)
Copyright © 2023. 279 pages.
Global emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental concerns, have challenged the readiness of societies and forced them to operate in more innovativ...
Exergaming Intervention for Children, Adolescents, and Elderly People
Shahnawaz Khan (Bahrain Polytechnic, Bahrain), Thirunavukkarasu Kannapiran (S2 Integrators, USA), Arunachalam Muthiah (Karnavati University, India), Sharad Shetty (Karnavati University, India)
Copyright © 2023. 278 pages.
As our dependence on technology increases, technology has imbibed itself even in our everyday routines, from checking our heart rate to keeping tabs on our diets. We...
Handbook of Research on Andragogical Leadership and Technology in a Modern World
Viktor Wang (California State University, San Bernardino, USA)
Copyright © 2023. 474 pages.
Innovation and creativity in organizations are pivotal to survival as human activity fuses with technological domains. Exploiting the potential of technology to use...
ICT as a Driver of Women’s Social and Economic Empowerment
Pankaj Dhaundiyal (CHRIST University (Deemed), India), Sana Moid (Amity University, India)
Copyright © 2023. 306 pages.
The role of information and communication technologies as a tool for development has attracted the sustained attention of various agencies worldwide. If the gender d...
Handbook of Research on Digitalization Solutions for Social and Economic Needs
Richard Pettinger (University College London, UK), Brij B. Gupta (Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan & Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon), Alexandru Roja (West University of Timisoara, Romania), Diana Cozmiuc (West University of Timisoara, Romania)
Copyright © 2023. 387 pages.
Digital solutions are sufficiently versatile and agile to shape business processes and enterprise architecture, answer the COVID-19 crisis, solve climate change, tem...
Digital Psychology’s Impact on Business and Society
Muhammad Anshari (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei), Abdur Razzaq (Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang, Indonesia), Mia Fithriyah (Indonesia Open University, Indonesia), Akmal Nasri Kamal (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei)
Copyright © 2023. 330 pages.
Individuals, businesses, organizations, and countries all benefit from having access to data. People who generate data do it voluntarily, forming their habits, patte...
Frugal Innovation and Social Transitions in the Digital Era
Muhammad Nawaz Tunio (Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan), Atia Bano Memon (University of Sindh, Badin Campus, Pakistan)
Copyright © 2023. 208 pages.
Frugal innovation is considered a new source of innovation, mainly to meet the needs of low-income customers. Hence, frugal innovation has primarily been explored em...
Handbook of Research on Implementing Digital Reality and Interactive Technologies to Achieve Society 5.0
Francesca Maria Ugliotti (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Anna Osello (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Copyright © 2022. 731 pages.
Research on digital reality has been extensive in recent years, covering a wide range of topics and leading to new ways to approach and deal with complex situations....
Exploring Ethical Problems in Today’s Technological World
Tamara Phillips Fudge (Purdue University Global, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 385 pages.
The pervasiveness of technology today has brought with it a bevy of ethical questions, many of which are difficult to answer. Average consumers place themselves at r...
Machine Learning for Societal Improvement, Modernization, and Progress
Vishnu S. Pendyala (San Jose State University, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 290 pages.
Learning has been fundamental to the growth and evolution of humanity and civilization. The same concepts of learning, applied to the tasks that machines can perform...
The Digital Folklore of Cyberculture and Digital Humanities
Stamatios Papadakis (University of Crete, Greece), Alexandros Kapaniaris (Hellenic Open University, Greece)
Copyright © 2022. 361 pages.
Where human communication and development is possible, folklore is developed. With the rise of digital communications and media in past decades, humans have adopted...
Multidisciplinary Perspectives Towards Building a Digitally Competent Society
Sanjeev Bansal (Amity University, Noida, India), Vandana Ahuja (Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad, India), Vijit Chaturvedi (Amity University, Noida, India), Vinamra Jain (Amity University, Noida, India)
Copyright © 2022. 311 pages.
The world is undergoing a transformation as technology enters every ecosystem. Subsequently, there is a need to develop higher-order digital skills to ensure one'...
Analyzing Multidisciplinary Uses and Impact of Innovative Technologies
Emiliano Marchisio (Giustino Fortunato University, Italy)
Copyright © 2022. 275 pages.
Technology faces rapid advancements every year, and each year, its uses in various facets of society increase and become more profound. Every discipline has adopted...
Handbook of Research on Applying Emerging Technologies Across Multiple Disciplines
Emiliano Marchisio (Giustino Fortunato University, Italy)
Copyright © 2022. 548 pages.
In recent decades, there has been a groundbreaking evolution in technology. Every year, technology not only advances, but it also spreads throughout industries. Many...
Handbook of Research on Digital Violence and Discrimination Studies
Fahri Özsungur (Mersin University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2022. 837 pages.
Digital violence continues to increase, especially during times of crisis. Racism, bullying, ageism, sexism, child pornography, cybercrime, and digital tracking rais...
Opportunities and Challenges for Computational Social Science Methods
Enes Abanoz (Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2022. 277 pages.
We are living in a digital era in which most of our daily activities take place online. This has created a big data phenomenon that has been subject to scientific re...
Handbook of Research on Promoting Economic and Social Development Through Serious Games
Oscar Bernardes (ISCAP, ISEP, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal & University of Aveiro, Portugal), Vanessa Amorim (Porto Accounting and Business School, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal)
Copyright © 2022. 665 pages.
While gaming has become an increasingly popular leisure activity in society, the success of the videogame market has also contributed to the application of serious g...
Impact and Role of Digital Technologies in Adolescent Lives
Shaveta Malik (Terna Engineering College, India), Rohit Bansal (Department of Management Studies, Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak, India), Amit Kumar Tyagi (National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India)
Copyright © 2022. 313 pages.
Digital technology covers digital information in every form. The world lives in an information age in which massive amounts of data are being produced to improve our...
Applied Ethics in a Digital World
Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes (University of Miami, USA), Jane Thomason (University College London, UK)
Copyright © 2022. 316 pages.
As advances in disruptive technologies transform politics and increase the velocity of information and policy flows worldwide, the public is being confronted with ch...
Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Diversity and Equity in a Virtual World
Emily K. Reeves (Midwestern State University, USA), Christina Janise McIntyre (Midwestern State University, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 317 pages.
Almost every citizen of the world has been impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases, this included a shift from face-to-face interactions to a vi...
Next-Generation Applications and Implementations of Gamification Systems
Filipe Portela (University of Minho, Portugal), Ricardo Queirós (ESMAD, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal)
Copyright © 2022. 281 pages.
Gamification is being used everywhere; despite its apparent plethora of benefits, the unbalanced use of its main mechanics can end up in catastrophic results for a c...
Philosophical Issues of Human Cyborgization and the Necessity of Prolegomena on Cyborg Ethics
Ivana Greguric (Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Copyright © 2022. 352 pages.
We are currently living in an age of scientific humanism. Cyborgs, robots, avatars, and bio-technologically created beings are new entities that exist alongside biol...
Human Factors Issues and the Impact of Technology on Society
Heather Lum (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA)
Copyright © 2021. 333 pages.
Human factors are the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that app...
Ubiquitous Technologies for Human Development and Knowledge Management
Hakikur Rahman (Institute of Computer Management and Science, Bangladesh)
Copyright © 2021. 396 pages.
In recent decades, digital technologies have permeated daily routines, whether at school, at work, or during personal engagements. Stakeholders in education are prom...
Technological Breakthroughs and Future Business Opportunities in Education, Health, and Outer Space
Angus Hooke (Australian Institute of Higher Education, Australia)
Copyright © 2021. 353 pages.
It is widely accepted that the key to rising incomes for workers, for investors, and (indirectly) for welfare recipients is innovation. New ideas provide opportuniti...
Machine Law, Ethics, and Morality in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Steven John Thompson (University of California, Davis, USA & University of Maryland Global Campus, USA)
Copyright © 2021. 266 pages.
Machines and computers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and self-sustaining. As we integrate such technologies into our daily lives, questions concerning mora...
Examining the Socio-Technical Impact of Smart Cities
Fenio Annansingh (York College, City University of New York, USA)
Copyright © 2021. 231 pages.
Smart city development and governance is a technological issue and a complex mechanism of the political understanding of technology, environmental interest, and urba...
Human-Computer Interaction and Technology Integration in Modern Society
Hakikur Rahman (Presidency University, Bangladesh)
Copyright © 2021. 347 pages.
Technology has opened a wide window of novel communication methods and techniques and has become ubiquitous in modern society. With advancements occurring rapidly an...
Information Technology Applications for Crisis Response and Management
Jon W. Beard (Iowa State University, USA)
Copyright © 2021. 294 pages.
Properly addressing a crisis requires more than just guesswork and a reaction; it requires a properly structured approach supported by good information. With the rap...
ICT Solutions for Improving Smart Communities in Asia
Noor Zaman (Taylor's University, Malaysia), Khalid Rafique (AJK Information Technology Board, Pakistan), Vasaki Ponnusamy (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia)
Copyright © 2021. 377 pages.
It is also essential to study the success of technology use in some of the advanced nations in the Asian region that promote a smarter and well-advanced community. A...
Information Technology Trends for a Global and Interdisciplinary Research Community
Francisco J. García-Peñalvo (University of Salamanca, Spain)
Copyright © 2021. 374 pages.
Data is the base for information, information is needed to have knowledge, and knowledge is used to make decisions and manage 21st century businesses and organizatio...
Latin American Women and Research Contributions to the IT Field
Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico), Mirna Muñoz (CIMAT - Unidad Zacatecas, Mexico)
Copyright © 2021. 459 pages.
Although the effort to involve women in engineering has risen in recent years with the creation of new initiatives and the promotion of inclusion in technical discip...
Present and Future Paradigms of Cyberculture in the 21st Century
Simber Atay (Dokuz Eylül Üniversity, Turkey), Gülsün Kurubacak-Meriç (Anadolu University, Turkey), Serap Sisman-Uğur (Anadolu University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2021. 246 pages.
Cyberculture is a particularly complex issue. It is seen as a fantastic meeting point of classic philosophers with postmodern theorists, politicians with community e...
Responsible AI and Ethical Issues for Businesses and Governments
Bistra Vassileva (University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria), Moti Zwilling (Ariel University, Israel)
Copyright © 2021. 259 pages.
The research surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) is vast and quite diverse in both its applied and theoretical fields. AI tools and techniques, such as machine...
Bridging the Gap Between AI, Cognitive Science, and Narratology With Narrative Generation
Takashi Ogata (Iwate Prefectural University, Japan), Jumpei Ono (Aomori University, Japan)
Copyright © 2021. 409 pages.
The use of cognitive science in creating stories, languages, visuals, and characters is known as narrative generation, and it has become a trending area of study. Ap...
Reductive Model of the Conscious Mind
Wieslaw Galus (Independent Researcher, Poland), Janusz Starzyk (Ohio University, USA)
Copyright © 2021. 296 pages.
Research on natural and artificial brains is proceeding at a rapid pace. However, the understanding of the essence of consciousness has changed slightly over the mil...
Dyslexia and Accessibility in the Modern Era: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Kamila Balharová (Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling Center, Brno, Czech Republic), Jakub Balhar (Gisat s.r.o., Czech Republic), Věra Vojtová (Masaryk University, Czech Republic)
Copyright © 2021. 279 pages.
While the written word is an important means of communication among people, the technological revolution has increased the demands on mental processes involved in th...
Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Its Future Social Impact
Salim Sheikh (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK)
Copyright © 2021. 284 pages.
The influence of AI is beginning to filter into every aspect of life, spanning across education, healthcare, business, and more. However, as its prevalence grows, ch...
Overcoming Barriers for Women of Color in STEM Fields: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Pamela M. Leggett-Robinson (PLR Consulting, USA), Brandi Campbell Villa (Belay Consulting, USA)
Copyright © 2020. 199 pages.
Despite a plethora of initiatives, policies, and procedures to increase their representation in STEM, women of color still remain largely underrepresented. In the fa...
Maintaining Social Well-Being and Meaningful Work in a Highly Automated Job Market
Shalin Hai-Jew (Hutchinson Community College, USA)
Copyright © 2020. 333 pages.
In mainstream media, there has been wide discussion on what the world will look like when the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics incursions into traditional h...
ICTs and Innovation for Didactics of Social Sciences
Emilio José Delgado-Algarra (University of Huelva, Spain)
Copyright © 2020. 295 pages.
The advancement of technology in today’s world has led to the progression of several professional fields. This includes the classroom, as teachers have begun using n...
Civic Engagement Frameworks and Strategic Leadership Practices for Organization Development
Susheel Chhabra (Periyar Management and Computer College, India), Muneesh Kumar (Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (MAIT), Delhi, India)
Copyright © 2020. 313 pages.
In recent years, the engagement of stakeholders has become imperative for the overall success of an organization. As the global business landscape continues to evolv...
Civic Engagement in Social and Political Constructs
Susheel Chhabra (Periyar Management and Computer College, India)
Copyright © 2020. 285 pages.
Though governments play an important role in everyday life, citizen commitment to understanding government policy and procedures is lacking. Without creating an envi...
Recent Advances in Digital Media Impacts on Identity, Sexuality, and Relationships
Michelle F. Wright (Penn State University, USA)
Copyright © 2020. 347 pages.
Between adolescence and adulthood, individuals begin to explore themselves mentally and emotionally in an attempt to figure out who they are and where they fit in so...
Human Capital Formation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Sulaiman Olusegun Atiku (Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia)
Copyright © 2020. 385 pages.
Advances in technological innovations, automation, and the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionized the nature of work and created a d...
Handbook of Research on Politics in the Computer Age
Ashu M. G. Solo (Maverick Technologies America Inc., USA)
Copyright © 2020. 436 pages.
Technology and particularly the Internet have caused many changes in the realm of politics. Aspects of engineering, computer science, mathematics, or natural science...
Human Behavior and Another Kind in Consciousness: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Shigeki Sugiyama (Independent Researcher, Japan)
Copyright © 2019. 102 pages.
New technological communication methods have created new kinds of interactions among us that have allowed people across the globe to become closer, but they have als...
Impacts of Mobile Use and Experience on Contemporary Society
Xiaoge Xu (Mobile Studies International, Singapore)
Copyright © 2019. 354 pages.
As a popular and powerful medium, mobile use has increased significantly across the world. The effects of these communication devices have not only transformed how w...
Managing Screen Time in an Online Society
Lídia Oliveira (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Copyright © 2019. 393 pages.
The number of hours individuals spend in front of screens, such as smartphones, televisions, computers, and tablets, is enormous in today’s society because screen ti...
Critical Issues Impacting Science, Technology, Society (STS), and Our Future
Heather Christina Lum (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Copyright © 2019. 345 pages.
We are in an ever-changing and fast-paced world that is entrenched in technological innovation. But how is technology and science impacting our society? How does it...
Digital Humanities and Scholarly Research Trends in the Asia-Pacific
Shun-han Rebekah Wong (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong), Haipeng Li (University of California – Merced, USA), Min Chou (New Jersey City University, USA)
Copyright © 2019. 310 pages.
Digital humanities is a dynamic and emerging field that aspires to enhance traditional research and scholarship through digital media. Although countries around the...
Handbook of Research on Industrial Advancement in Scientific Knowledge
Vicente González-Prida Diaz (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain & Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain), Jesus Pedro Zamora Bonilla (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain)
Copyright © 2019. 442 pages.
In a society that praises and promotes technological advancement, it becomes increasingly essential to review the effects of such rapid technological growth. New hig...
Gender Gaps and the Social Inclusion Movement in ICT
Idongesit Williams (Aalborg University, Denmark), Olga Millward (Aalborg University, Denmark), Roslyn Layton (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Copyright © 2019. 325 pages.
Despite advancements in technological and engineering fields, there is still a digital gender divide in the adoption, use, and development of information communicati...
Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change in Technology Fields
Sonja Bernhardt (ThoughtWare, Australia), Patrice Braun (Federation University, Australia), Jane Thomason (Abt Associates, Australia)
Copyright © 2019. 366 pages.
Over the last few decades, the refrain for many activists in technology fields around the globe has been “attraction, promotion, and retention.” Yet the secret to ac...
Automatic Cyberbullying Detection: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Michal E. Ptaszynski (Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan), Fumito Masui (Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan)
Copyright © 2019. 180 pages.
Due to the prevalence of social network service and social media, the problem of cyberbullying has risen to the forefront as a major social issue over the last decad...
Analytical Frameworks, Applications, and Impacts of ICT and Actor-Network Theory
Markus Spöhrer (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Copyright © 2019. 327 pages.
In a globalized world, one of the most prominent developments in technology has been the advancement of non-human entities. The applications of these entities in med...
Analyzing Human Behavior in Cyberspace
Zheng Yan (University at Albany (SUNY), USA)
Copyright © 2019. 333 pages.
The rapid evolution of technology continuously changes the way people interact, work, and learn. By examining these advances from a sociological perspective, researc...
Handbook of Research on Technology Integration in the Global World
Efosa C. Idemudia (Arkansas Tech University, USA)
Copyright © 2019. 535 pages.
Technology’s presence in society continues to increase as new products and programs emerge. As such, it is vital for various industries to rapidly adapt and learn to...
Returning to Interpersonal Dialogue and Understanding Human Communication in the Digital Age
Michael A. Brown Sr. (Florida International University, USA), Leigh Hersey (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA)
Copyright © 2019. 299 pages.
Digital collaboration is abundant in today’s world, but it is often problematic and does not provide an apt solution to the human need for comprehensive communicatio...
Intimacy and Developing Personal Relationships in the Virtual World
Rejani Thudalikunnil Gopalan (Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, India)
Copyright © 2019. 355 pages.
Online communication has exploded in the past decade with the development of social networking sites like Facebook, as well as social media applications. As more peo...
Handbook of Research on Children's Consumption of Digital Media
Gülşah Sarı (Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2019. 423 pages.
One of the consequences of the digital revolution is the availability and pervasiveness of media and technology. They became an integral part of many people’s lives,...
Handbook of Research on Multicultural Perspectives on Gender and Aging
Rekha Pande (University of Hyderabad, India), Theo van der Weide (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Copyright © 2018. 361 pages.
As people grow older, cultural issues arise. Recognizing how social influences guide and restrict people leads to a better understanding of one’s self and helps peop...
Narratives and the Role of Philosophy in Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ana-Maria Pascal (Regent's University London, UK)
Copyright © 2018. 198 pages.
Every life has certain moments that define it. Going beyond the day-to-day norms of living, these life experiences have a profound effect on the person and the life...
Information Visualization Techniques in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Veslava Osinska (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland), Grzegorz Osinski (College of Social and Media Culture, Poland)
Copyright © 2018. 356 pages.
The representation of abstract data and ideas can be a difficult and tedious task to handle when learning new concepts; however, the advances in emerging technology...
Handbook of Research on Civic Engagement and Social Change in Contemporary Society
Susheel Chhabra (Periyar Management and Computer College, India)
Copyright © 2018. 445 pages.
Outreach and engagement initiatives are crucial in promoting community development and social change. This can be achieved through a number of methods including publ...
Corporate and Global Standardization Initiatives in Contemporary Society
Kai Jakobs (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Copyright © 2018. 394 pages.
In fields as diverse as research and development, governance, and international trade, success depends on effective communication and processes. However, limited res...
Computational Psychoanalysis and Formal Bi-Logic Frameworks
Giuseppe Iurato (Independent Researcher, Italy)
Copyright © 2018. 332 pages.
Computational psychoanalysis is a new field stemming from Freudian psychoanalysis. The new area aims to understand the primary formal structures and running mechanis...
Psychological, Social, and Cultural Aspects of Internet Addiction
Bahadir Bozoglan (IF Weinheim Institute, Germany)
Copyright © 2018. 390 pages.
Addiction is a powerful and destructive condition impacting large portions of the population around the world. While typically associated with substances, such as dr...
Experience-Based Human-Computer Interactions: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Petr Sosnin (Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia)
Copyright © 2018. 294 pages.
Human computer interaction is constantly evolving in many areas and facets of modern society. Analyzing these interactions can provide a more balanced understanding...
Technology-Enhanced Human Interaction in Modern Society
Francisco Vicente Cipolla-Ficarra (Latin Association of Human-Computer Interaction, Spain & International Association of Interactive Communication, Italy), Maria Valeria Ficarra (Latin Association of Human-Computer Interaction, Spain & International Association of Interactive Communication, Italy), Miguel Cipolla-Ficarra (International Association of Interactive Communication, Italy), Alejandra Quiroga (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina), Jacqueline Alma (Electronic Arts – Vancouver, Canada), Jim Carré (University of The Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao)
Copyright © 2018. 319 pages.
Technology has changed the way people carry out their daily lives and communicate with one another. Society has become dependent on technology and with that comes th...
HCI Challenges and Privacy Preservation in Big Data Security
Daphne Lopez (VIT University, India), M.A. Saleem Durai (VIT University, India)
Copyright © 2018. 275 pages.
Privacy protection within large databases can be a challenge. By examining the current problems and challenges this domain is facing, more efficient strategies can b...
Handbook of Research on Human Development in the Digital Age
Valerie C. Bryan (Florida Atlantic University, USA), Ann T. Musgrove (Florida Atlantic University, USA), Jillian R. Powers (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
Copyright © 2018. 526 pages.
The rapid evolution of technology continuously changes the way people interact, work, and learn. By examining these advances, researchers can further optimize the va...
Optimizing Human-Computer Interaction With Emerging Technologies
Francisco Cipolla-Ficarra (Latin Association of Human-Computer Interaction, Spain & International Association of Interactive Communication, Italy)
Copyright © 2018. 471 pages.
The ways in which humans communicate with one another is constantly evolving. Technology plays a large role in this evolution via new methods and avenues of social a...
Designing for Human-Machine Symbiosis Using the URANOS Model: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Benjamin Hadorn (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Copyright © 2017. 170 pages.
Demand for integral and sustainable solutions is on the rise. As new ways of defining reality emerge, this generates the progression of more humanistic and sustainab...
Research Paradigms and Contemporary Perspectives on Human-Technology Interaction
Anabela Mesquita (School of Accounting and Administration of Porto, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal & Algorithm Research Centre, Minho University, Portugal)
Copyright © 2017. 366 pages.
The integration of technology in modern society has created a deeper connectivity between people around the globe, as well as provided ample opportunity for the exch...
Solutions for High-Touch Communications in a High-Tech World
Michael A. Brown Sr. (Florida International University, USA)
Copyright © 2017. 217 pages.
In recent years, modern society has experienced an increased use of online discourse. Due to continuous advances in technology, the ongoing transition away from face...
Design Solutions for User-Centric Information Systems
Saqib Saeed (Department of Computer Information Systems, College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia), Yasser A. Bamarouf (Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia), T. Ramayah (University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia), Sardar Zafar Iqbal (Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2017. 422 pages.
Continuous improvements in technological applications have allowed more opportunities to develop systems with user-focused designs. This not only leads to higher suc...
Identity, Sexuality, and Relationships among Emerging Adults in the Digital Age
Michelle F. Wright (Masaryk University, Czech Republic)
Copyright © 2017. 343 pages.
Technology has become ubiquitous to everyday life in modern society, and particularly in various social aspects. This has significant impacts on adolescents as they...
Enriching Urban Spaces with Ambient Computing, the Internet of Things, and Smart City Design
Shin'ichi Konomi (University of Tokyo, Japan), George Roussos (University of London, UK)
Copyright © 2017. 323 pages.
In recent years, the presence of ubiquitous computing has increasingly integrated into the lives of people in modern society. As these technologies become more perva...
Handbook of Research on Individualism and Identity in the Globalized Digital Age
F. Sigmund Topor (Keio University, Japan)
Copyright © 2017. 645 pages.
Globalization has shifted perspectives on individualism and identity as cultural exchange occurs more rapidly in an age of heightened connectivity. As technology con...
Information Technology Integration for Socio-Economic Development
Titus Tossy (Mzumbe University, Tanzania)
Copyright © 2017. 385 pages.
As the developed world continues to become more digitized, lesser developed areas are starting to see more technological advancements being integrated into their soc...
Handbook of Research on Human-Computer Interfaces, Developments, and Applications
João Rodrigues (University of Algarve, Portugal), Pedro Cardoso (University of Algarve, Portugal), Jânio Monteiro (University of Algarve, Portugal), Mauro Figueiredo (University of Algarve, Portugal)
Copyright © 2016. 663 pages.
Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is easy to define yet difficult to predict. Encompassing the management, study, planning, and design of the ways in which users inte...
Human Development and Interaction in the Age of Ubiquitous Technology
Hakikur Rahman (BRAC University, Bangladesh)
Copyright © 2016. 384 pages.
The human condition is affected by numerous factors in modern society. In modern times, technology is so integrated into culture that it has become necessary to perf...
Examining the Evolution of Gaming and Its Impact on Social, Cultural, and Political Perspectives
Keri Duncan Valentine (West Virginia University, USA), Lucas John Jensen (Georgia Southern University, USA)
Copyright © 2016. 456 pages.
With complex stories and stunning visuals eliciting intense emotional responses, coupled with opportunities for self-expression and problem solving, video games are...
Handbook of Research on Human Social Interaction in the Age of Mobile Devices
Xiaoge Xu (Botswana International University of Science and Technology, Botswana)
Copyright © 2016. 548 pages.
Digital innovations, such as mobile technologies, have had a significant impact on the way people relate to one another, as well as the way they obtain and distribut...
Defining Identity and the Changing Scope of Culture in the Digital Age
Alison Novak (Rowan University, USA), Imaani Jamillah El-Burki (Lehigh University, USA)
Copyright © 2016. 316 pages.
Since the popularization of Internet technologies in the mid-1990s, human identity and collective culture has been dramatically shaped by our continued use of digita...
Gender Considerations in Online Consumption Behavior and Internet Use
Rebecca English (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Raechel Johns (University of Canberra, Australia)
Copyright © 2016. 297 pages.
The use of social media and blogging websites has become more prevalent especially among young women; this trend suggests that gender has the potential to coincide w...
Analyzing Digital Discourse and Human Behavior in Modern Virtual Environments
Bobbe Gaines Baggio (American University, USA)
Copyright © 2016. 320 pages.
Though humans have been communicating through virtual mediators since the invention of the telephone, new technologies make the use of virtual communications even mo...
Overcoming Gender Inequalities through Technology Integration
Joseph Wilson (University of Maiduguri, Nigeria), Nuhu Diraso Gapsiso (University of Maiduguri, Nigeria)
Copyright © 2016. 324 pages.
Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) exert a great influence on global activities. ITC has affected the structure of governments, economies, cultures, and e...
Cultural, Behavioral, and Social Considerations in Electronic Collaboration
Ayse Kok (Bogazici University, Turkey), Hyunkyung Lee (Yonsei University, South Korea)
Copyright © 2016. 374 pages.
The digital age has introduced a deeper sense of connectivity in business environments. By relying more heavily on current technologies, organizations now experience...
Handbook of Research on Cultural and Economic Impacts of the Information Society
P.E. Thomas (Bharathiar University, India), M. Srihari (Bharathiar University, India), Sandeep Kaur (Bharathiar University, India)
Copyright © 2015. 618 pages.
The phrase “information society” is one so ubiquitous it has become passé, but its continued use, even in academic spheres, indicates a shared acknowledgement: that...
Human Behavior, Psychology, and Social Interaction in the Digital Era
Anabela Mesquita (CICE – ISCAP/Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal & Algoritmi Centre, Minho University, Portugal), Chia-Wen Tsai (Ming Chuan University, Taiwan)
Copyright © 2015. 372 pages.
The advancement of new technologies has greatly increased the impact of information systems on daily human life. As technology continues to rapidly progress, human-c...
Rethinking Machine Ethics in the Age of Ubiquitous Technology
Jeffrey White (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST, South Korea), Rick Searle (IEET, USA)
Copyright © 2015. 331 pages.
As the utilization of intelligent machines spreads to numerous realms, the discourse of machine ethics has also developed and expanded. Concerns over machine intelli...
Contemporary Approaches to Activity Theory: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Behavior
Thomas Hansson (Blekinge Institute of Technology, School of Management (MAM), Sweden)
Copyright © 2015. 404 pages.
The human mind is best understood when it is studied in the context of meaningful and goal-oriented interactions between individuals and their environment. These int...
Evolving Issues Surrounding Technoethics and Society in the Digital Age
Rocci Luppicini (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Copyright © 2014. 317 pages.
The advancement of technologies in the 20th century has radically transformed the interconnectedness of humans, science, and technology within an evolving society. E...
Technological Advancements and the Impact of Actor-Network Theory
Arthur Tatnall (Victoria University, Australia)
Copyright © 2014. 331 pages.
Actor-Network Theory (ANT) has existed as a topic of interest among social theorists for decades. Due to the prevalence of technology in modern society, discussions...
Gender Considerations and Influence in the Digital Media and Gaming Industry
Julie Prescott (University of Bolton, UK), Julie Elizabeth McGurren (Codemasters, UK)
Copyright © 2014. 357 pages.
Occupational segregation is an important issue and can be detrimental to women. There is a strong need for more women in science, engineering, and information techno...
Human-Computer Interfaces and Interactivity: Emergent Research and Applications
Pedro Isaías (Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University), Portugal), Katherine Blashki (Noroff University College, Norway)
Copyright © 2014. 348 pages.
In more ways than one, assistive technologies can have a profound impact on humans and their operations within society. Understanding these emerging technologies is...
Political Campaigning in the Information Age
Ashu M. G. Solo (Maverick Technologies America Inc., USA)
Copyright © 2014. 359 pages.
Technology and the Internet especially have brought on major changes to politics and are playing an increasingly important role in political campaigns, communication...
Handbook of Research on Political Activism in the Information Age
Ashu M. G. Solo (Maverick Technologies America Inc., USA)
Copyright © 2014. 498 pages.
Technology, and particularly the Internet, has caused many changes in the realm of politics. Mainstream media no longer has a monopoly on political commentary as soc...
Interdisciplinary Applications of Agent-Based Social Simulation and Modeling
Diana Francisca Adamatti (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brasil), Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brasil), Helder Coelho (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
Copyright © 2014. 376 pages.
Social simulation can be a difficult discipline to encompass fully. There are many methods, models, directions, and theories that can be discussed and applied to var...
Examining Paratextual Theory and its Applications in Digital Culture
Nadine Desrochers (Université de Montréal, Canada), Daniel Apollon (University of Bergen, Norway)
Copyright © 2014. 390 pages.
The paratext framework is now used in a variety of fields to assess, measure, analyze, and comprehend the elements that provide thresholds, allowing scholars to bett...
Global Issues and Ethical Considerations in Human Enhancement Technologies
Steven John Thompson (Johns Hopkins University, USA & University of Maryland University College, USA)
Copyright © 2014. 327 pages.
With rapid advancements in human enhancement technologies, society struggles with many issues, such as definition, effects, participation, regulation, and control. C...
Exchanging Terrorism Oxygen for Media Airwaves: The Age of Terroredia
Mahmoud Eid (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Copyright © 2014. 347 pages.
Terroredia is a newly coined term by the editor, Dr. Mahmoud Eid, to explain the phenomenal, yet under-researched relationship between terrorists and media professio...
Women in IT in the New Social Era: A Critical Evidence-Based Review of Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change
Sonja Bernhardt (ThoughtWare, Australia)
Copyright © 2014. 274 pages.
Research and statistics support the view that current programs are failing to keep women in the ICT field. Currently, there exist very few solutions to this growing...
Gamification for Human Factors Integration: Social, Education, and Psychological Issues
Jonathan Bishop (Centre for Research into Online Communities and E-Learning Systems, Belgium)
Copyright © 2014. 362 pages.
With the popularity and ease-of-access to internet technologies, especially social networking, a number of human-centered issues has developed including internet add...
Emerging Research and Trends in Interactivity and the Human-Computer Interface
Katherine Blashki (Noroff University College, Norway), Pedro Isaias (Portuguese Open University, Portugal)
Copyright © 2014. 580 pages.
With a variety of emerging and innovative technologies combined with the active participation of the human element as the major connection between the end user and t...
Creating Personal, Social, and Urban Awareness through Pervasive Computing
Bin Guo (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China), Daniele Riboni (University of Milano, Italy), Peizhao Hu (NICTA, Australia)
Copyright © 2014. 440 pages.
The recent emergence and prevalence of social network applications, sensor equipped mobile devices, and the availability of large amounts of geo-referenced data have...
Gender Divide and the Computer Game Industry
Julie Prescott (University of Bolton, UK), Jan Bogg (The University of Liverpool, UK)
Copyright © 2014. 321 pages.
While women maintain an increased visibility in the games culture, the issues involving gender in computing gaming is still relevant; and it is evident that the indu...
User Behavior in Ubiquitous Online Environments
Jean-Eric Pelet (KMCMS, IDRAC International School of Management, University of Nantes, France), Panagiota Papadopoulou (University of Athens, Greece)
Copyright © 2014. 325 pages.
As mobile technologies grow in popularity and widespread use, more and more applications—from banking software to online education—make their way to smartphones, tab...
Uberveillance and the Social Implications of Microchip Implants: Emerging Technologies
M.G. Michael (University of Wollongong, Australia), Katina Michael (University of Wollongong, Australia)
Copyright © 2014. 509 pages.
In addition to common forms of spatial units such as satellite imagery and street views, emerging automatic identification technologies are exploring the use of micr...
Innovative Methods and Technologies for Electronic Discourse Analysis
Hwee Ling Lim (The Petroleum Institute-Abu Dhabi, UAE), Fay Sudweeks (Murdoch University, Australia)
Copyright © 2014. 546 pages.
With the advent of new media and Web 2.0 technologies, language and discourse have taken on new meaning, and the implications of this evolution on the nature of inte...
Advanced Research and Trends in New Technologies, Software, Human-Computer Interaction, and Communicability
Francisco Vicente Cipolla Ficarra (Latin Association of Human-Computer Interaction, Spain & International Association of Interactive Communication, Italy)
Copyright © 2014. 696 pages.
Emerging technologies, such as social networks and interactive web applications, have played a vital role in the way we communicate. These technologies are fundament...
New Media Influence on Social and Political Change in Africa
Anthony A. Olorunnisola (Pennsylvania State University, USA), Aziz Douai (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada)
Copyright © 2013. 518 pages.
While transitioning from autocracy to democracy, media in Africa has always played an important role in democratic and non-democratic states; focusing on politicians...
Cases on Usability Engineering: Design and Development of Digital Products
Miguel A. Garcia-Ruiz (Algoma University, Canada)
Copyright © 2013. 470 pages.
Information technologies play a significant role in modern information-driven societies, making a comprehensive understanding of digital media a fundamental requisit...
Human Rights and Information Communication Technologies: Trends and Consequences of Use
John Lannon (University of Limerick, Ireland), Edward Halpin (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)
Copyright © 2013. 324 pages.
Intergovernmental agencies, governments, and non-governmental organizations are now using Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to collect, organize, an...
Collaboration and the Semantic Web: Social Networks, Knowledge Networks, and Knowledge Resources
Stefan Brüggemann (Astrium Space Transportation, Germany), Claudia d’Amato (University of Bari, Italy)
Copyright © 2012. 387 pages.
Collaborative working has been increasingly viewed as a good practice for organizations to achieve efficiency. Organizations that work well in collaboration may have...
Human Rights and Risks in the Digital Era: Globalization and the Effects of Information Technologies
Christina M. Akrivopoulou (Democritus University of Thrace, Greece), Nicolaos Garipidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
Copyright © 2012. 363 pages.
Globalization, along with its digital and information communication technology counterparts, including the Internet and cyberspace, may signify a whole new era for h...
Technology for Creativity and Innovation: Tools, Techniques and Applications
Anabela Mesquita (ISCAP/IPP and Algoritmi Centre, University of Minho, Portugal)
Copyright © 2011. 426 pages.
It is widely accepted that organizations and individuals must be innovative and continually create new knowledge and ideas to deal with rapid change. Innovation play...
Social Computing Theory and Practice: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Panagiota Papadopoulou (University of Athens, Greece), Panagiotis Kanellis (University of Athens, Greece), Drakoulis Martakos (University of Athens, Greece)
Copyright © 2011. 382 pages.
Social computing has seen exponential growth in various application areas, enabling new digital contexts for almost any type of interaction. This growth is expected...
Law and Order in Virtual Worlds: Exploring Avatars, Their Ownership and Rights
Angela Adrian (University of Bournemouth, UK)
Copyright © 2010. 238 pages.
As virtual worlds increase in their depth and number, evolving into virtual communities with separate rules and expectations, they are often brought into conflict wi...
Technologies and Practices for Constructing Knowledge in Online Environments: Advancements in Learning
Bernhard Ertl (Universitat der Bundeswehr Munchen, Germany)
Copyright © 2010. 280 pages.
Learning scenarios have benefited greatly from technology through tools such as Internet collaboration, information access, and social networking. However, it is not...


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