Advances in Information Security, Privacy, and Ethics (AISPE): 57 Volumes

Advances in Information Security, Privacy, and Ethics (AISPE): 57 Volumes

Series Editor(s): Manish Gupta (State University of New York, USA)
ISSN: 1948-9730|EISSN: 1948-9749
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As digital technologies become more pervasive in everyday life and the Internet is utilized in ever increasing ways by both private and public entities, concern over digital threats becomes more prevalent.

The Advances in Information Security, Privacy, & Ethics (AISPE) Book Series provides cutting-edge research on the protection and misuse of information and technology across various industries and settings. Comprised of scholarly research on topics such as identity management, cryptography, system security, authentication, and data protection, this book series is ideal for reference by IT professionals, academicians, and upper-level students.

Topics Covered

  • Access Control
  • CIA Triad of Information Security
  • Computer ethics
  • Cookies
  • Cyberethics
  • Data Storage of Minors
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Electronic Mail Security
  • Global Privacy Concerns
  • Information Security Standards
  • Internet Governance
  • IT Risk
  • Network Security Services
  • Privacy Issues of Social Networking
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
  • Risk Management
  • Security Classifications
  • Security Information Management
  • Technoethics
  • Telecommunications Regulations
  • Tracking Cookies

Titles in Series

Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in System Security, Information Privacy, and Forensics
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
Copyright © 2019. 360 pages.
Cyber-attacks are rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent issues globally, and as they continue to escalate, it is imperative to explore new approaches and techno...
Handbook of Research on Information and Cyber Security in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Ziska Fields (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
Copyright © 2018. 647 pages.
The prominence and growing dependency on information communication technologies in nearly every aspect of life has opened the door to threats in cyberspace. Criminal...
Security and Privacy in Smart Sensor Networks
Yassine Maleh (University Hassan I, Morocco), Abdellah Ezzati (University Hassan I, Morocco), Mustapha Belaissaoui (University Hassan I, Morocco)
Copyright © 2018. 441 pages.
Security and privacy protection within computer networks can be a challenge. By examining the current problems and challenges this domain is facing, more efficient s...
The Changing Scope of Technoethics in Contemporary Society
Rocci Luppicini (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Copyright © 2018. 403 pages.
In the modern era each new innovation poses its own special ethical dilemma. How can human society adapt to these new forms of expression, commerce, government, citi...
Handbook of Research on Information Security in Biomedical Signal Processing
Chittaranjan Pradhan (KIIT University, India), Himansu Das (KIIT University, India), Bighnaraj Naik (Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), India), Nilanjan Dey (Techno India College of Technology, India)
Copyright © 2018. 414 pages.
Recent advancements and innovations in medical image and data processing have led to a need for robust and secure mechanisms to transfer images and signals over the...
Security and Privacy Management, Techniques, and Protocols
Yassine Maleh (University Hassan I, Morocco)
Copyright © 2018. 426 pages.
The security of information and communication technology is a high priority for any organization. By examining the current problems and challenges this domain is fac...
Handbook of Research on Network Forensics and Analysis Techniques
Gulshan Shrivastava (National Institute of Technology Patna, India), Prabhat Kumar (National Institute of Technology Patna, India), B. B. Gupta (National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, India), Suman Bala (Orange Labs, France), Nilanjan Dey (Techno India College of Technology, India)
Copyright © 2018. 509 pages.
With the rapid advancement in technology, myriad new threats have emerged in online environments. The broad spectrum of these digital risks requires new and innovati...
Cyber Harassment and Policy Reform in the Digital Age: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ramona S. McNeal (University of Northern Iowa, USA), Susan M. Kunkle (Kent State University, USA), Mary Schmeida (Kent State University, USA)
Copyright © 2018. 170 pages.
As the digital world assumes an ever-increasing role in the daily life of the public, opportunities to engage in crimes increase as well. The consequences of cyber a...
Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals
Vandana Ahuja (Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, India), Shubhangini Rathore (IBS Gurgaon, India)
Copyright © 2018. 400 pages.
In this technological age, the information technology (IT) industry is an important facet of society and business. The IT industry is able to become more efficient a...
Security, Privacy, and Anonymization in Social Networks: Emerging Research and Opportunities
B. K. Tripathy (VIT University, India), Kiran Baktha (VIT University, India)
Copyright © 2018. 176 pages.
Technology has become profoundly integrated into modern society; however, this increases the risk of vulnerabilities, such as hacking and other system errors, along...
Critical Research on Scalability and Security Issues in Virtual Cloud Environments
Shadi Aljawarneh (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan), Manisha Malhotra (Chandigarh University, India)
Copyright © 2018. 341 pages.
Individual users and business organizations are shifting their data storage and utilizing cloud computing because of its easy availability and reduced costs. Althoug...
The Morality of Weapons Design and Development: Emerging Research and Opportunities
John Forge (University of Sydney, Australia)
Copyright © 2018. 216 pages.
Countries around the globe are continuously investing money into weapon development and manufacturing. While weapon design has been a relevant topic, from the Middle...
Algorithmic Strategies for Solving Complex Problems in Cryptography
Kannan Balasubramanian (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India), M. Rajakani (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India)
Copyright © 2018. 302 pages.
Cryptography is a field that is constantly advancing, due to exponential growth in new technologies within the past few decades. Applying strategic algorithms to cry...
Information Technology Risk Management and Compliance in Modern Organizations
Manish Gupta (State University of New York, Buffalo, USA), Raj Sharman (State University of New York, Buffalo, USA), John Walp (M&T Bank Corporation, USA), Pavankumar Mulgund (State University of New York, Buffalo, USA)
Copyright © 2018. 360 pages.
Attacks on information systems and applications have become more prevalent with new advances in technology. Management of security and quick threat identification ha...
Detecting and Mitigating Robotic Cyber Security Risks
Raghavendra Kumar (LNCT Group of College, India), Prasant Kumar Pattnaik (KIIT University, India), Priyanka Pandey (LNCT Group of College, India)
Copyright © 2017. 384 pages.
Risk detection and cyber security play a vital role in the use and success of contemporary computing. By utilizing the latest technological advances, more effective...
Advanced Image-Based Spam Detection and Filtering Techniques
Sunita Vikrant Dhavale (Defense Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune, India)
Copyright © 2017. 213 pages.
Security technologies have advanced at an accelerated pace in the past few decades. These advancements in cyber security have benefitted many organizations and compa...
Privacy and Security Policies in Big Data
Sharvari Tamane (MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, India), Vijender Kumar Solanki (Institute of Technology and Science Ghaziabad, India), Nilanjan Dey (Techno India College of Technology, India)
Copyright © 2017. 305 pages.
In recent years, technological advances have led to significant developments within a variety of business applications. In particular, data-driven research provides...
Securing Government Information and Data in Developing Countries
Saleem Zoughbi (UN APCICT, UN ESCAP, South Korea)
Copyright © 2017. 307 pages.
The ongoing growth of information and communication technology is a high priority for any developing country. These advances help progress with different sectors of...
Security Breaches and Threat Prevention in the Internet of Things
N. Jeyanthi (VIT University, India), R. Thandeeswaran (VIT University, India)
Copyright © 2017. 276 pages.
As the applications of the Internet of Things continue to progress, so do the security concerns for this technology. The study of threat prevention in the Internet o...
Decentralized Computing Using Blockchain Technologies and Smart Contracts: Emerging Research and Opportunities
S. Asharaf (Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala, India), S. Adarsh (Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala, India)
Copyright © 2017. 128 pages.
Recent innovations have created significant developments in data storage and management. These new technologies now allow for greater security in databases and other...
Cybersecurity Breaches and Issues Surrounding Online Threat Protection
Michelle Moore (George Mason University, USA)
Copyright © 2017. 408 pages.
Technology has become deeply integrated into modern society and various activities throughout everyday life. However, this increases the risk of vulnerabilities, suc...
Security Solutions and Applied Cryptography in Smart Grid Communications
Mohamed Amine Ferrag (Guelma University, Algeria), Ahmed Ahmim (University of Larbi Tebessi, Algeria)
Copyright © 2017. 464 pages.
Electrical energy usage is increasing every year due to population growth and new forms of consumption. As such, it is increasingly imperative to research methods of...
Threat Mitigation and Detection of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism Activities
Maximiliano E. Korstanje (University of Palermo, Argentina)
Copyright © 2017. 315 pages.
Technology provides numerous opportunities for positive developments in modern society; however, these venues inevitably increase vulnerability to threats in online...
Online Banking Security Measures and Data Protection
Shadi A. Aljawarneh (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan)
Copyright © 2017. 312 pages.
Technological innovations in the banking sector have provided numerous benefits to customers and banks alike; however, the use of e-banking increases vulnerability t...
Developing Next-Generation Countermeasures for Homeland Security Threat Prevention
Maurice Dawson (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA), Dakshina Ranjan Kisku (National Institute of Technology, India), Phalguni Gupta (National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training & Research, India), Jamuna Kanta Sing (Jadavpur University, India), Weifeng Li (Tsinghua University, China)
Copyright © 2017. 428 pages.
In the modern world, natural disasters are becoming more commonplace, unmanned systems are becoming the norm, and terrorism and espionage are increasingly taking pla...
Security Solutions for Hyperconnectivity and the Internet of Things
Maurice Dawson (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA), Mohamed Eltayeb (Colorado Technical University, USA), Marwan Omar (Saint Leo University, USA)
Copyright © 2017. 347 pages.
The Internet of Things describes a world in which smart technologies enable objects with a network to communicate with each other and interface with humans effortles...
Managing Security Issues and the Hidden Dangers of Wearable Technologies
Andrew Marrington (Zayed University, UAE), Don Kerr (University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia), John Gammack (Zayed University, UAE)
Copyright © 2017. 345 pages.
Advances in mobile computing have provided numerous innovations that make people’s daily lives easier and more convenient. However, as technology becomes more ubiqui...
Security Management in Mobile Cloud Computing
Kashif Munir (University of Hafr Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2017. 248 pages.
Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has experienced explosive growth and is expected to continue to rise in popularity as new services and applications become available. As...
Cryptographic Solutions for Secure Online Banking and Commerce
Kannan Balasubramanian (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India), K. Mala (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India), M. Rajakani (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India)
Copyright © 2016. 375 pages.
Technological advancements have led to many beneficial developments in the electronic world, especially in relation to online commerce. Unfortunately, these advancem...
Innovative Solutions for Access Control Management
Ahmad Kamran Malik (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan), Adeel Anjum (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan), Basit Raza (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan)
Copyright © 2016. 330 pages.
Technological innovation and evolution continues to improve personal and professional lifestyles, as well as general organizational and business practices; however,...
Handbook of Research on Modern Cryptographic Solutions for Computer and Cyber Security
Brij Gupta (National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, India), Dharma P. Agrawal (University of Cincinnati, USA), Shingo Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi University, Japan)
Copyright © 2016. 589 pages.
Internet usage has become a facet of everyday life, especially as more technological advances have made it easier to connect to the web from virtually anywhere in th...
Network Security Attacks and Countermeasures
Dileep Kumar G. (Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia), Manoj Kumar Singh (Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia), M.K. Jayanthi (King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2016. 357 pages.
Our world is increasingly driven by sophisticated networks of advanced computing technology, and the basic operation of everyday society is becoming increasingly vul...
Next Generation Wireless Network Security and Privacy
Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria (Gujarat University, India)
Copyright © 2015. 372 pages.
As information resources migrate to the Cloud and to local and global networks, protecting sensitive data becomes ever more important. In the modern, globally-interc...
Improving Information Security Practices through Computational Intelligence
Wasan Shaker Awad (Ahlia University, Bahrain), El Sayed M. El-Alfy (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia), Yousif Al-Bastaki (University of Bahrain, Bahrain)
Copyright © 2016. 327 pages.
The recent explosion in complex global networking architectures has spurred a concomitant rise in the need for robust information security. Further, as computing pow...
Handbook of Research on Security Considerations in Cloud Computing
Kashif Munir (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia), Mubarak S. Al-Mutairi (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia), Lawan A. Mohammed (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2015. 408 pages.
Cloud computing has quickly become the next big step in security development for companies and institutions all over the world. With the technology changing so rapid...
Handbook of Research on Emerging Developments in Data Privacy
Manish Gupta (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA)
Copyright © 2015. 507 pages.
Data collection allows today’s businesses to cater to each customer’s individual needs and provides a necessary edge in a competitive market. However, any breach in...
Handbook of Research on Securing Cloud-Based Databases with Biometric Applications
Ganesh Chandra Deka (Ministry of Labour and Employment, India), Sambit Bakshi (National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India)
Copyright © 2015. 530 pages.
Cloud technologies have revolutionized the way we store information and perform various computing tasks. With the rise of this new technology, the ability to secure...
Handbook of Research on Threat Detection and Countermeasures in Network Security
Alaa Hussein Al-Hamami (Amman Arab University, Jordan), Ghossoon M. Waleed al-Saadoon (Applied Sciences University, Bahrain)
Copyright © 2015. 426 pages.
Cyber attacks are rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent issues in the world. As cyber crime continues to escalate, it is imperative to explore new approaches an...
Information Security in Diverse Computing Environments
Anne Kayem (Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town, South Africa), Christoph Meinel (Hasso-Plattner-Institute for IT Systems Engineering, University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany)
Copyright © 2014. 354 pages.
Information security systems have become more popular due to the prevalence of criminal activity over benign attacks. Because computer systems are constantly changin...
Network Topology in Command and Control: Organization, Operation, and Evolution
T. J. Grant (R-BAR, The Netherlands), R. H. P. Janssen (Netherlands Defence Academy, The Netherlands), H. Monsuur (Netherlands Defence Academy, The Netherlands)
Copyright © 2014. 320 pages.
Over the past decade, the Command and Control (C2) field has been making a transformation from top-down, directive command to Network Centric Operations (NCO), peer-...
Cases on Research and Knowledge Discovery: Homeland Security Centers of Excellence
Cecelia Wright Brown (University of Baltimore, USA), Kevin A. Peters (Morgan State University, USA), Kofi Adofo Nyarko (Morgan State University, USA)
Copyright © 2014. 357 pages.
To ensure its protection from enemies both foreign and domestic, a government must invest resources and personnel toward the goal of homeland security. It is through...
Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Cryptology and Information Security
Sattar B. Sadkhan Al Maliky (University of Babylon, Iraq), Nidaa A. Abbas (University of Babylon, Iraq)
Copyright © 2014. 443 pages.
With the prevalence of digital information, IT professionals have encountered new challenges regarding data security. In an effort to address these challenges and of...
Analyzing Security, Trust, and Crime in the Digital World
Hamid R. Nemati (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA)
Copyright © 2014. 281 pages.
In the digital era, information is the most valuable resource, and protecting one’s assets is a constant struggle for both individuals and organizations. Analyzing S...
Research Developments in Biometrics and Video Processing Techniques
Rajeev Srivastava (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), India), S.K. Singh (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), India), K.K. Shukla (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), India)
Copyright © 2014. 279 pages.
The advancement of security technologies has allowed information systems to store more crucial and sensitive data. With these advancements, organizations turn to phy...
Advances in Secure Computing, Internet Services, and Applications
B.K. Tripathy (VIT University, India), D. P. Acharjya (VIT University, India)
Copyright © 2014. 405 pages.
Technological advancements have extracted a vast amount of useful knowledge and information for applications and services. These developments have evoked intelligent...
Trust Management in Mobile Environments: Autonomic and Usable Models
Zheng Yan (Xidian University, China and Aalto University, Finland)
Copyright © 2014. 288 pages.
In a digital context, trust is a multifaceted concept, including trust in application usability, trust in information security, and trust in fellow users. Mobile tec...
Network Security Technologies: Design and Applications
Abdelmalek Amine (Tahar Moulay University, Algeria), Otmane Ait Mohamed (Concordia University, USA), Boualem Benatallah (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Copyright © 2014. 330 pages.
Recent advances in technologies have created a need for solving security problems in a systematic way. With this in mind, network security technologies have been pro...
Security, Privacy, Trust, and Resource Management in Mobile and Wireless Communications
Danda B. Rawat (Georgia Southern University, USA), Bhed B. Bista (Iwate Prefectural University, Japan), Gongjun Yan (University of Southern Indiana, USA)
Copyright © 2014. 577 pages.
While security is of vital importance to ensure the integrity of communications in wireless and mobile networks, most businesses which rely on these networks expect...
Architectures and Protocols for Secure Information Technology Infrastructures
Antonio Ruiz-Martinez (University of Murcia, Spain), Rafael Marin-Lopez (University of Murcia, Spain), Fernando Pereniguez-Garcia (University of Murcia, Spain)
Copyright © 2014. 427 pages.
With the constant stream of emails, social networks, and online bank accounts, technology has become a pervasive part of our everyday lives, making the security of t...
Theory and Practice of Cryptography Solutions for Secure Information Systems
Atilla Elçi (Aksaray University, Turkey), Josef Pieprzyk (Macquarie University, Australia), Alexander G. Chefranov (Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus), Mehmet A. Orgun (Macquarie University, Australia), Huaxiong Wang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Rajan Shankaran (Macquarie University, Australia)
Copyright © 2013. 351 pages.
Information Systems (IS) are a nearly omnipresent aspect of the modern world, playing crucial roles in the fields of science and engineering, business and law, art a...
IT Security Governance Innovations: Theory and Research
Daniel Mellado (Spanish Tax Agency, Spain), Luis Enrique Sánchez (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), Eduardo Fernández-Medina (University of Castilla – La Mancha, Spain), Mario G. Piattini (University of Castilla - La Mancha, Spain)
Copyright © 2013. 373 pages.
Information technology in the workplace is vital to the management of workflow in the company; therefore, IT security is no longer considered a technical issue but a...
Threats, Countermeasures, and Advances in Applied Information Security
Manish Gupta (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA), John Walp (M&T Bank Corporation, USA), Raj Sharman (State University of New York, USA)
Copyright © 2012. 319 pages.
Organizations are increasingly relying on electronic information to conduct business, which has caused the amount of personal information to grow exponentially. Thre...
Investigating Cyber Law and Cyber Ethics: Issues, Impacts and Practices
Alfreda Dudley (Towson University, USA), James Braman (Towson University, USA), Giovanni Vincenti (Towson University, USA)
Copyright © 2012. 343 pages.
Ethical values in computing are essential for understanding and maintaining the relationship between computing professionals and researchers and the users of their a...
Information Assurance and Security Ethics in Complex Systems: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Melissa Jane Dark (Purdue University, USA)
Copyright © 2011. 306 pages.
The problems encountered in ensuring that modern computing systems are used appropriately cannot be solved with technology alone, nor can they be addressed independe...
Chaos Synchronization and Cryptography for Secure Communications: Applications for Encryption
Santo Banerjee (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Copyright © 2011. 596 pages.
Over the past few decades, there has been numerous research studies conducted involving the synchronization of dynamical systems with several theoretical studies and...
Technoethics and the Evolving Knowledge Society: Ethical Issues in Technological Design, Research, Development, and Innovation
Rocci Luppicini (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Copyright © 2010. 323 pages.
Recently, there has been a major push to rediscover the ethical dimension of technology across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Technoethics and the Ev...
Collaborative Computer Security and Trust Management
Jean-Marc Seigneur (Université de Genève, Switzerland), Adam Slagell (National Center for Supercomputing Applications, USA)
Copyright © 2010. 317 pages.
As the Internet grows and connects the world in new ways, computer security must become global and collaborative to understand and react to harmful security threats....

Editor(s) Biography

Manish Gupta is Manager of Information Risk Assurance at BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York and Adjunct Assistant Professor at State University of New York at Buffalo. He has more than 15 years of leadership experience in cybersecurity and IT risk management. Prior to his current role, he was VP of cybersercurity at one of the 15 largest banks in the US. Over the years, he has established, led and governed programs for corporate security awareness, threat and vulnerability management, regulatory and compliance, risk management and governance, security architecture and cybersecurity capabilities. He has authored or coauthored more than 70 research articles that are published in journals, books and conference proceedings. His research has won best paper awards and has been published in MISQ, DSS, ACM Transactions, JOEUC amongst others. He has edited or co-edited 7 books in the area of information assurance, cybersecurity and risk management. He holds several professional designations including CISSP, CISM, CISA, CRISC, CFE and PMP. He teaches graduate level courses in IT Auditing and IT Risk Management at SUNY Buffalo. He received PhD (Management/MIS) and MBA from State University of New York at Buffalo in 2011 and 2003, respectively and a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from IET Lucknow, India in 1998.

Editorial Advisory Board

Manish Gupta, State University of New York, United States

Editorial Advisory Board
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