Advances in Medical Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care (AMDTC): 68 Volumes

Advances in Medical Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care (AMDTC): 68 Volumes

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Advancements in medicine have prolonged the life expectancy of individuals all over the world. Once life-threatening conditions have become significantly easier to treat and even cure in many cases. Continued research in the medical field will further improve the quality of life, longevity, and wellbeing of individuals.

The Advances in Medical Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care (AMDTC) book series seeks to highlight publications on innovative treatment methodologies, diagnosis tools and techniques, and best practices for patient care. Comprised of comprehensive resources aimed to assist professionals in the medical field apply the latest innovations in the identification and management of medical conditions as well as patient care and interaction, the books within the AMDTC series are relevant to the research and practical needs of medical practitioners, researchers, students, and hospital administrators.

Topics Covered

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Critical Care
  • Diagnostic Medicine
  • Disease Management
  • Disease Prevention
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Experimental Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Procedures
  • Medical Testing
  • Patient Interaction
  • Patient-Centered Care

Titles in Series

Cutting-Edge Applications of Nanomaterials in Biomedical Sciences
Pranav Kumar Prabhakar (Lovely Professional University, India), Ajit Prakash (University of North Carolina)
Copyright © 2024. 320 pages.
Cutting-Edge Applications of Nanomaterials in Biomedical Sciences is a comprehensive exploration of the revolutionary impact of nanotechnology on the field of medici...
Clinical Practices and Post-Treatment Care for COVID-19 Patients With Heart Complications
Gunda Varaprasad Rao (NMH Heart Care Center, Nashik, India), Sangeeta Dhamdhere-Rao (Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Ganeshkhind, Pune, India)
Copyright © 2023. 300 pages.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many coronavirus-positive patients faced myriad health issues during treatment and post treatment. Many people who lost their lives due...
Experimental and Clinical Evidence of the Neuropathology of Parkinson’s Disease
Ahmed Draoui (Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco), Omar El Hiba (Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco), Arumugam R. Jayakumar (Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center, USA)
Copyright © 2023. 300 pages.
Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world after Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to the pioneering works of Arvid Carlson in t...
Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicinal Products in Disease Therapy
Etetor Roland Eshiet (Sustainable Energy Environmental and Educational Development (SEEED), USA)
Copyright © 2023. 315 pages.
Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have led to a concomitant growth in exploratory studies into the definitive properties of traditional therapies employ...
Multidisciplinary Applications of Natural Science for Drug Discovery and Integrative Medicine
Muhammad Shahzad Aslam (School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiamen University Malaysia, Malaysia), M Ayaz Ahmad (University of Guyana, Guyana)
Copyright © 2023. 330 pages.
The multidisciplinary applications of natural science in drug discovery are essential for identifying and developing new drugs and represent a promising area of rese...
Cognitive Cardiac Rehabilitation Using IoT and AI Tools
Parijat Bhowmick (Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India), Sima Das (Camellia Institute of Technology and Management, India), Kaushik Mazumdar (Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad, India)
Copyright © 2023. 300 pages.
In recent times, research in human-focused robot technologies aims to bring social-emotional intelligence closer, which interconnects with human lifestyles. Among se...
Global Perspectives on Health Assessments for an Aging Population
Luis Vieira Ribeiro (School of Health, University of Algarve, Portugal), Anabela Magalhães Ribeiro (School of Health, University of Algarve, Portugal)
Copyright © 2023. 370 pages.
Today’s society recognizes that the last decades of an individual’s life are usually those in which health tends to deteriorate and chronic pathologies increase. Act...
Cases on Multimorbidity and Its Impact on Elderly Patients
Adil Hamad Alharthi (King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2023. 285 pages.
As old age is increasing globally, some challenges arise such as multimorbidity, a unique medical condition that has multiple potential complications and thus needs...
Cannabis sativa Cultivation, Production, and Applications in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Rafiq Lone (Central University of Kashmir, India), Aabid Hussain Mir (University of Kashmir, India), Javid Manzoor (Jiwaji University, India)
Copyright © 2023. 227 pages.
Cannabis sativa has a long history; however, it has not been fully exploited for its beneficial uses. This plant can solve many present challenges, including challen...
Medical Cannabis and the Effects of Cannabinoids on Fighting Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Parkinson's, and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases
Rana R. Zeine (Kean University, USA), Brian W. Teasdale (Kean University, USA)
Copyright © 2023. 405 pages.
Research on the therapeutic efficacy of cannabinoids has demonstrated that cannabidiol (CBD), either alone or in 1:1 mixtures with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)...
Perspectives on Coping Strategies for Menstrual and Premenstrual Distress
B.S. Parimal (The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India), Kavita Gupta (The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India)
Copyright © 2023. 343 pages.
Women around the world are dealing with hormone and menstrual problems; evidence linking high levels of menstrual distress to harmful health effects continues to eme...
Pharmacological Benefits of Natural Agents
Narayanaswamy Radhakrishnan (St. Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research (SPIHER), India), Srinivasan Vasantha (St. Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research (SPIHER), India), Ashok Kumar Pandurangan (B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, India)
Copyright © 2023. 335 pages.
Many natural products are known to have health-promoting pharmaceutical activities. For example, capsaicin, curcumin, epigallocatechin, resveratrol, and quercetin ha...
Handbook of Research on Advanced Phytochemicals and Plant-Based Drug Discovery
Ajeet Singh (ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, India)
Copyright © 2022. 722 pages.
A great deal of interest has been generated recently in the isolation, characterization, and biological activity of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals have the potential...
AI Applications for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
Rajae El Ouazzani (Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, Morocco), Mohammed Fattah (Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, Morocco), Nabil Benamar (Moulay Ismail University of Meknes, Morocco)
Copyright © 2022. 332 pages.
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been very successful across fields such as healthcare, security, precision agriculture, smart city, and autonomous drivin...
Historical and Epidemiological Analyses on the Impact of Infectious Disease on Society
Edward Greenberg (Cigna, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 261 pages.
Infectious diseases have been a threat since the beginning of civilization, leading the world to constantly adapt and advance medical knowledge in order to survive....
Handbook of Research on Natural Products and Their Bioactive Compounds as Cancer Therapeutics
Ashok Kumar Pandurangan (B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, India), Suresh Kumar Anandasadagopan (Central Leather Research Institute, India), Fahad A. Alhumaydhi (Department of Medical Laboratories, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Qassim University, Buraydah, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2022. 643 pages.
Many chemotherapeutic agents are available in today’s market that are highly effective against a variety of cancer types; however, the major drawbacks of these chemo...
The Pediatric Eye Exam Quick Reference Guide: Office and Emergency Room Procedures
Lily Zhu-Tam (Citywide Eye Care Optometry, USA), Ida Chung (College of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 409 pages.
There is a need for comprehensive books that provide crucial information in a clear and direct manner, particularly in the medical field. Currently, there are limite...
Medical Atlas of Cornea and External Diseases in Middle Eastern Populations
Anna Hovakimyan (Malayan Ophthalmologic Centre, Armenia)
Copyright © 2022. 384 pages.
Disease and pathologies can differ based on geographic area as well as social conditions of life. This is no less true for the treatment of cornea and external disea...
Using Narrative Writing to Enhance Healing During and After Global Health Crises
Jennifer Lynne Bird (Oxbridge Academy, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 241 pages.
Millions of people experience stress in their lives, and this is even more prevalent in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether this stress stems from a job...
Handbook of Research on Pathophysiology and Strategies for the Management of COVID-19
Omar El Hiba (Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco), Jayakumar Radhakrishnan (Veterans Affairs Medical Center, USA), Tiziano Balzano (University Hospital HM Puerta del Sur, Spain), Faical Isbaine (Emory University, USA)
Copyright © 2022. 352 pages.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (SARS-Cov2), which...
Artificial Intelligence for Accurate Analysis and Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sandeep Kautish (Lord Buddha Education Foundation, Nepal & Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Malaysia), Gaurav Dhiman (Government Bikram College of Commerce, India & Lebanese American University, Lebanon)
Copyright © 2021. 224 pages.
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is known as a neuro-disorder in which a person may face problems in interaction and communication with people, amongst other challenge...
Integrated Care and Fall Prevention in Active and Healthy Aging
Patrik Eklund (Umea University, Sweden)
Copyright © 2021. 348 pages.
In today’s world, healthy aging and a fulfilling lifestyle are important to older members of society, with many opting to remain as independent and mobile as possibl...
Cases on Applied and Therapeutic Humor
Michael K. Cundall Jr. (North Carolina A&T State University, USA), Stephanie Kelly (North Carolina A&T State University, USA)
Copyright © 2021. 267 pages.
Recent evidence indicates that humor is an important aspect of a person's health, and studies have shown that increased levels of humor help with stress, pain to...
Strategies to Overcome Superbug Invasions: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Dimple Sethi Chopra (Punjabi University, India), Ankur Kaul (Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, India)
Copyright © 2021. 319 pages.
Recently, there has been an upsurge in microbial infections. Extensive and inappropriate usage of antimicrobial drugs in treating infections has led to the evolution...
Diagnostic and Treatment Methods for Ulcerative Colitis and Colitis-Associated Cancer
Ashok Kumar Pandurangan (B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, India)
Copyright © 2021. 309 pages.
In recent years, epidemiological studies have shown a significant increase of incidences regarding ulcerative colitis (UC) in most regions of the world. At present,...
Enhancing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Herbal Formulations
Rajesh Kumar Kesharwani (Nehru Gram Bharati (Deemed), Prayagraj, India), Raj K. Keservani (Faculty of B. Pharmacy, CSM Group of Institutions, Prayagraj, India), Anil K. Sharma (GD Goenka University, India)
Copyright © 2021. 367 pages.
Novel drug delivery systems cover the approaches, formulation, technologies, and modes for transporting any pharmaceutical compound throughout the body to safely get...
Climate Change and Its Impact on Fertility
Khursheed Ahmad Wani (Goverment Degree College, Bijbehara, India), Nibedita Naha (ICMR, National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad, India)
Copyright © 2021. 416 pages.
Climate change is the biggest threat to the fertility of mammals across the globe through its potential effects on heat stress, nutrition security, extreme weather e...
Treating Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders With Herbal Medicines
Arif Hussain (Manipal Academy of Higher Education, UAE), Shalini Behl (Manipal Academy of Higher Education, UAE)
Copyright © 2021. 489 pages.
The utilization of herbal medicine to treat endocrine and metabolic disorders has garnered much attention within the past few decades. Specifically, the popularity o...
Handbook of Research on Advancements in Cancer Therapeutics
Sumit Kumar (National Institute of Pathology, New Delhi, India), Moshahid Alam Rizvi (Jamia Millia Islamia, India), Saurabh Verma (National Institute of Pathology, India)
Copyright © 2021. 913 pages.
The complexity of cancer demands an integrated approach from both a cancer biology standpoint and a pharmaceutical basis to understand the different anticancer modal...
Cases on Medical Nutrition Therapy for Gastrointestinal Disorders
Elham Abbas Aljaaly (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia), Nahlaa Abdelwahab Khalifa (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia), Rouba Khalil Naaman (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia), Manar Abduljalil Bakhsh (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2021. 254 pages.
Medical nutrition therapy plays a central role in the management of diseases including reducing disease risk, slowing disease progression, and monitoring nutritional...
Handbook of Research on Disease Prediction Through Data Analytics and Machine Learning
Geeta Rani (Manipal University Jaipur, India), Pradeep Kumar Tiwari (Manipal University Jaipur, India)
Copyright © 2021. 586 pages.
By applying data analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms to predict disease, medical practitioners can more accurately diagnose and treat patients. Howe...
Handbook of Research on Evidence-Based Perspectives on the Psychophysiology of Yoga and Its Applications
Shirley Telles (Patanjali Research Foundation, India), Ram Kumar Gupta (Patanjali Research Foundation, India)
Copyright © 2021. 577 pages.
While yoga was originally intended to be practiced for spiritual growth, there is an increasing interest in applying yoga in all areas of life. It is important to un...
New Developments in Diagnosing, Assessing, and Treating ADHD
Rejani Thudalikunnil Gopalan (Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, India)
Copyright © 2021. 419 pages.
It seems as though each day more children are diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD causes challenges not only for the patient but als...
Handbook of Research on Oncological and Endoscopical Dilemmas in Modern Gynecological Clinical Practice
Konstantinos Dinas (2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Stamatios Petousis (2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Matthias Kalder (Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany), George Mavromatidis (2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
Copyright © 2021. 460 pages.
For the past decade or so, research regarding women’s health has become a major source of concern among health professionals. Due to the vast amounts of research, it...
Diagnostic Techniques and Therapeutic Strategies for Parotid Gland Disorders
Mahmoud Sakr (Alexandria University, Egypt)
Copyright © 2021. 362 pages.
In the past several decades, the medical community has witnessed professionals, instead of generalizing their knowledge, specialize in a specific area of practice. H...
Evaluation and Management of High-Risk Pregnancies: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Sapna Nanda (Panjab University, India)
Copyright © 2021. 216 pages.
Complications during and after pregnancy and birth result in hundreds of thousands of deaths each year and can lead to lifelong health problems. Even with these comp...
Noninvasive Ventilation Technologies and Healthcare for Geriatric Patients
César Fonseca (Universidade de Évora, Portugal), Manuel José Lopes (Universidade de Évora, Portugal), David Mendes (Universidade de Évora, Portugal), Jose Garcia-Alonso (University of Extremadura, Spain), Felismina Mendes (Universidade de Évora, Portugal)
Copyright © 2020. 252 pages.
In the past, elderly patients were given artificial airway technologies, such as a tracheostomy tube, to assist with their breathing. However, thanks to the advances...
Biopsychosocial Perspectives and Practices for Addressing Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases
Simon George Taukeni (University of Namibia, Namibia)
Copyright © 2020. 368 pages.
While there are a number of clinical practices for treating a variety of diseases, there is an urgent need to integrate bio-psychosocial perspectives and practices i...
Role of Nutrition in Providing Pro-/Anti-Inflammatory Balance: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Uğur Günşen (Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, Turkey), Ramazan Mert Atan (Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2020. 214 pages.
Food selection plays an important role in ensuring pro- and anti-inflammatory balance. Certain foods are responsible for increasing inflammation while others have an...
Handbook of Research on Prenatal, Postnatal, and Early Childhood Development
Neriman Aral (Ankara University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2020. 470 pages.
Child development comprises children’s cognitive, linguistic, motor, social and emotional development, communication, and self-care skills. Understanding development...
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Altering Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Tanu Wadhera (Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India), Deepti Kakkar (Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India)
Copyright © 2020. 386 pages.
Disorder-assistive and neurotechnological devices are experiencing a boom in the global market. Mounting evidence suggests that approaches based on several different...
Ethnomedicinal Plant Use and Practice in Traditional Medicine
Akash Akash (Gurukul Kangri University, India), Navneet Navneet (Gurukul Kangri University, India), B.S. Bhandari (Garhwal University, India)
Copyright © 2020. 380 pages.
Traditional medicinal knowledge, especially the use of ethnomedicinal plants in developing countries, has been passed down for generations. Today, however, scientist...
Ethnopharmacological Investigation of Indian Spices
Neha Mishra (Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology, and Sciences, India)
Copyright © 2020. 335 pages.
Though their usage greatly diminished at the dawn of the scientific area, Indian spices were traditional parts of healthcare for thousands of years. However, over th...
Advanced Pharmacological Uses of Medicinal Plants and Natural Products
Ajeet Singh (National Dairy Research Institute, India), Padam Singh (Vaccine and Infectious Disease Research Centre, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, India), Navneet Bithel (Gurukul Kangri University, India)
Copyright © 2020. 442 pages.
A vast majority of the world’s population lacks access to essential medicines and the provision of safe healthcare services. Medicinal plants and herbal medicines ca...
Quality Control of Cellular Protein in Neurodegenerative Disorders
Md. Sahab Uddin (Southeast University, Bangladesh), Ghulam Md. Ashraf (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2020. 515 pages.
Protein misfolding and aggregation are hallmarks of several neurodegenerative proteinopathies. Though multiple factors like aging, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dy...
Multidimensional Perspectives and Global Analysis of Universal Health Coverage
Yeter Demir Uslu (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey), Hasan Dinçer (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey), Serhat Yüksel (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
Copyright © 2020. 499 pages.
Many countries are seeking to reach an effective universal health coverage system to increase the quality of life of their citizens. By implementing universal health...
Examining Biological Foundations of Human Behavior
Barre Vijaya Prasad (Dharwad Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, India)
Copyright © 2020. 266 pages.
Biopsychology is a branch of psychology that analyzes how the brain and neurotransmitters influence our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. It is a subdivision of beh...
Handbook of Research on Medical Interpreting
Izabel E.T. de V. Souza (Osaka University, Japan), Effrossyni (Effie) Fragkou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece)
Copyright © 2020. 511 pages.
Providing efficient and safe healthcare services is tenuous even at the best of times. Hospital staff who must also circumnavigate language barriers are placed in pr...
Quality Assurance in the Era of Individualized Medicine
Anastasius S. Moumtzoglou (P. & A. Kyriakou Children's Hospital, Greece)
Copyright © 2020. 346 pages.
There is a significant deficiency among contemporary medicine practices reflected by experts making medical decisions for a large proportion of the population for wh...
Diagnosing and Managing Hashimoto’s Disease: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Mahmoud Sakr (Alexandria University, Egypt)
Copyright © 2020. 263 pages.
Once thought uncommon, cases of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are becoming much more commonplace through the increasing use of needle biopsy and serologic tests for antibo...
Using Narrative Writing to Enhance Healing
Jennifer Lynne Bird (Oxbridge Academy, USA)
Copyright © 2020. 355 pages.
The fields of writing as healing and health coaching have expanded to aid in the physical and emotional healing of patients. Using writing as a healing method allows...
Developmental Challenges and Societal Issues for Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities
Rejani Thudalikunnil Gopalan (Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, India)
Copyright © 2020. 416 pages.
Intellectual disability is a generalized disorder appearing before adulthood characterized by significantly impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or mor...
Global Applications of One Health Practice and Care
Sandul Yasobant (Center for Development Research (ZEF), Germany), Deepak Saxena (Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar, India)
Copyright © 2019. 306 pages.
Many factors have changed interactions between people, animals, and our environment including the emergence and reemergence of diseases such as swine flu, rabies, an...
Pre-Screening Systems for Early Disease Prediction, Detection, and Prevention
Thierry Edoh (Technical University of Munich, Germany), Pravin Pawar (Philips Research, India), Sagar Mohammad (Philips Research, India)
Copyright © 2019. 395 pages.
With the development of advanced screening procedures and techniques, certain limitations of the existing screening processes for disease methodologies and paradigms...
Advanced Methodologies and Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
Copyright © 2019. 591 pages.
Advancements in medical and healthcare technologies pave the way to improving treatments and diagnoses while also streamlining processes to ensure the highest qualit...
Handbook of Research on Critical Examinations of Neurodegenerative Disorders
Md. Sahab Uddin (Southeast University, Bangladesh), Md. Shah Amran (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Copyright © 2019. 597 pages.
Neurodegeneration is a key feature of several diseases that are referred to as neurodegenerative diseases. The process of neurodegeneration is not well-understood so...
Effective Techniques for Managing Trigeminal Neuralgia
Steven Chang (Stanford University, USA), Allen Ho (Stanford University, USA)
Copyright © 2018. 331 pages.
The diagnosis and treatment of disease is a primary concern for health professionals and individuals in society. Managing the treatment and controlling symptoms of d...
Handbook of Research on Geriatric Health, Treatment, and Care
Barre Vijaya Prasad (Dharwad Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (DIMHANS), India), Shamsi Akbar (King George's Medical University, India)
Copyright © 2018. 604 pages.
Mental and physical disorders are common in old age but frequently remain undetected and untreated. Managing treatment and controlling symptoms of these disorders is...
Emerging Developments and Practices in Oncology
Issam El Naqa (University of Michigan, USA)
Copyright © 2018. 305 pages.
Cancer is a leading cause of death that affects numerous people at every age and their relatives. In recent years, there has been a tremendous advancement in imaging...
Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Kidney Health
Mayuree Tangkiatkumjai (Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand), Annalisa Casarin (The NIHR Research Design Service East of England, UK), Li-Chia Chen (University of Manchester, UK), Dawn-Marie Walker (University of Southampton, UK)
Copyright © 2018. 308 pages.
The diagnosis and treatment of disease is a primary concern for health professionals and all of society. With the growing use of alternative medicine, patients can r...
Research-Based Perspectives on the Psychophysiology of Yoga
Shirley Telles (Patanjali Research Foundation, India), Nilkamal Singh (Patanjali Research Foundation, India)
Copyright © 2018. 456 pages.
Yoga has evolved into a popular fitness practice across the globe. With the various schools of practice, it is imperative for practitioners to study both traditional...
Sustainable Health and Long-Term Care Solutions for an Aging Population
Ben Fong (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong), Artie Ng (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong), Peter Yuen (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)
Copyright © 2018. 441 pages.
Lasting healthcare for the entire population, specifically the elderly, has become a main priority in society. It is imperative to find ways to boost the longevity o...
Emerging Applications, Perspectives, and Discoveries in Cardiovascular Research
Ashim Malhotra (Pacific University, USA), Shivani Soni (California State University, Fullerton, USA & Chapman University, USA & Alabama State University, USA)
Copyright © 2017. 439 pages.
Scientific developments in recent years have led to significant strides and advancements within the medical field. By integrating these findings into medical practic...
Healthcare Community Synergism between Patients, Practitioners, and Researchers
Valerie C. Bryan (Florida Atlantic University, USA), Jennifer Lynne Bird (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
Copyright © 2017. 348 pages.
Proper health education is a vital component to ensuring patients’ satisfaction, safety, and well-being. To achieve this goal, interdisciplinary collaboration has em...
Transformative Healthcare Practice through Patient Engagement
Guendalina Graffigna (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy)
Copyright © 2017. 382 pages.
Recent literature suggests that patient participation and engagement may be the ideal solution to the efficacy of healthcare treatments, from a clinical and pragmati...
Promoting Patient Engagement and Participation for Effective Healthcare Reform
Guendalina Graffigna (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, Italy)
Copyright © 2016. 357 pages.
Industry professionals, government officials, and the general public often agree that the modern healthcare system is in need of an overhaul. With organizations conc...
Effective Methods for Modern Healthcare Service Quality and Evaluation
Panagiotis Manolitzas (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Evangelos Grigoroudis (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Nikolaos Matsatsinis (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Denis Yannacopoulos (Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Greece)
Copyright © 2016. 315 pages.
Turbulent changes in worldwide economies and decreases in overall quality of life have led to a re-evaluation of the current state of health services. Improvements i...
Handbook of Research on Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Conditions
Dimitrios I. Fotiadis (University of Ioannina, Greece)
Copyright © 2016. 659 pages.
Stemming from environmental, genetic, and situational factors, chronic disease is a critical concern in modern medicine. Managing treatment and controlling symptoms...