Trending Topics Book Series (TTBS): 7 Volumes

Trending Topics Book Series (TTBS): 7 Volumes

Series Editor(s): Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Information Resources Management Association, USA)
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Every day all over the world, researchers are making groundbreaking discoveries that address current challenges and solve complex problems across a variety of fields. Due to advancements in technology, changes in demographics, adjustments to societal norms, the development of political and economic structures, and more, new theories, methods, strategies, techniques, and applications are constantly being established in response to both existing and evolving issues.

Based on the success of IGI Global’s latest Trending Topics Campaign, which provides news snippets and trending research breakthroughs relevant to IGI Global content, IGI Global has launched this new book series, titled the Trending Topics Book Series, which offers small anthologies of reprinted IGI Global book chapters and journal articles hand-selected by IGI Global's Executive Editorial Board on topics currently trending and stirring up discussion and/or controversy.

Spanning across topics such as the multigenerational workforce, legislation for sustainability, emotional branding, privacy on mobile devices, robotics in healthcare, and bio-based product development, this book series aims to provide researchers, academicians, professionals, and students with the most up-to-date studies in order to advance knowledge across all industries.

Topics Covered

  • Aging Workforce
  • Bio-Based Product Development
  • Business Sustainability
  • Eco-Cities
  • Emotional Branding
  • Environmental Legislation and Sustainability
  • Inclusive Learning
  • Library Budget Challenges
  • Millennials
  • Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Plan S and Open Access Movements
  • Privacy on Mobile Devices
  • Robotics in Healthcare
  • Women in STEM Fields

Titles in Series

Eastern Perspectives on Women’s Roles and Advancement in Business
Ela Burcu Uçel (İzmir University of Economics, Turkey)
Copyright © 2022. 289 pages.
Women all over the world are facing numerous challenges and obstacles in the workplace as gender inequality is still running rampant. To see big change, the patriarc...
Improving the Safety and Efficiency of Emergency Services: Emerging Tools and Technologies for First Responders
Information Resources Management Association (USA)
Copyright © 2020. 464 pages.
During emergency situations, society relies upon the efficient response time and effective services of emergency facilities that include fire departments, law enforc...
Innovations in Global Maternal Health: Improving Prenatal and Postnatal Care Practices
Information Resources Management Association (USA)
Copyright © 2020. 437 pages.
Whether they are in developed or developing nations, all women are susceptible to dying from complications in childbirth. While some of these complications are unavo...
Alternative Pain Management: Solutions for Avoiding Prescription Drug Overuse
Information Resources Management Association (USA)
Copyright © 2020. 388 pages.
With the growing dependency on prescription drugs and concerns about the rise of opioid addiction, providing effective pain management alternatives is a primary conc...
Developing Safer Online Environments for Children: Tools and Policies for Combatting Cyber Aggression
Information Resources Management Association (USA)
Copyright © 2020. 416 pages.
As the digital world assumes an ever-increasing role in the daily lives of the public, opportunities to engage in crimes increase as well. The prevention of cyber ag...
Five Generations and Only One Workforce: How Successful Businesses Are Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
Information Resources Management Association (USA)
Copyright © 2020. 364 pages.
Due to more individuals retiring at a later age, today’s workforce consists of five generations of workers with various educational backgrounds, ages, experience lev...
Developing Eco-Cities Through Policy, Planning, and Innovation: Can It Really Work?
Information Resources Management Association (USA)
Copyright © 2020. 374 pages.
The worldwide consumption of resources is causing environmental damage at a rate that cannot be sustained. Apart from the resulting environmental and health problems...