Building Integrated Collaborative Relationships for Inclusive Learning Settings

Building Integrated Collaborative Relationships for Inclusive Learning Settings

Dena AuCoin (Purdue University Global, USA)
ISBN13: 9781799868163|ISBN10: 1799868168|EISBN13: 9781799868187|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6816-3


The perceived positive benefits of collaboration among teachers for students in inclusion creates a topic of interest: the study of the deep, or integrated collaborative relationships between special education and general education teachers and using inclusion learning communities to support practice. Stemming from the premise that effective collaboration can raise student achievement and teacher satisfaction, research indicates there are two areas that must be addressed in order for teachers to effectively build solid collaborative relationships. Time has been identified as the underlying barrier for developing deep collaborative relationships and the need for a clear collaboration plan for students in inclusion.

This publication intends to provide background information on special education law, inclusion, and strategies for integrated collaborative relationships that include creation of an Inclusion Professional Learning Communities and a map for intended collaboration. The content can provide much needed clarity on how to build and maintain practices to support students in inclusion. It is an ideal reference source for special education teachers and general education teachers of all disciplines and levels, special education service providers, school administrators, and special education administrators.

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