Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls

Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls

Ramesh C. Sharma (Indira Gandhi National Open University, India) and Sanjaya Mishra (Indira Gandhi National Open University, India)
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Release Date: October, 2006|Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 372|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-340-1
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E-learning has assumed a significant role in the educational sector in both face-to-face learning and distance learning forms. Universities all over the globe have adopted e-learning methodology, or are planning to implement it in the near future.

Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls looks into global practices of e-learning, examining the successes and failures of e-learning professionals. It provides a judicious mix of practical experiences and research in the form of case studies. Written by experts from all over the globe, this book shows how to design instructional strategies for e-learning, illustrates the application of e-learning with case studies, and reviews the potential of e-learning in education and training. Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls gives an understanding of the practical implementation of e-learning technologies, including what to do and what to avoid.

Reviews and Testimonials

"The suggestions by the case authors are valuable for the lessons learned and suggestions for best practices. Readers interested in what others around the world are doing should find the cases useful for confirmation as well as for new insights. In addition, the experiences from around the world show that while some are ahead of others, instructors and students are facing the same challenges in e-learning."

– Educational Technology & Society, Volume 10, Issue 4 (2007)

It is highly beneficial to have an academic book - Cases on Global E-learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls, to have up-to-date practical experiences and research-based information on current global e-learning applications for future research and program development reference. The book should be a great textbook at higher degree level.

– Dr. Jack Fei Yang, Hsing-Kao University, Taiwan

"Bringing together over 20 case studies, written by over 40 colleagues from over 12 countries is a formidable achievement. However, the real value of this book, Cases on Global E-learning Practices by Sharma and Mishra, lies in the lessons we can learn from the experience and research of others."

– Fred Lockwood, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

"The book properly serves to the objective of providing learning opportunities through a set of case studies on e-learning application in different contexts. The book may serve as a reference book to be used whenever and whereever it is necessary to ameliorate reflection in action. Practitioners who are interested in e-learning practices will be able to find invaluable information in this book all of which results from reflective practice."

– Yavuz Akbulut, Anadolu University, Turkey

These case studies describe how different institutions, whether or not they are purely educational, have fared as the hosts of electronic learning programs ranging from those that fully online to those using online resources in an otherwise traditional setting.

– Book News Inc., August 2007

Surely, almost all British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BJET) readers would gain much from a few hours with Sharma and Mishra.

– British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (2007)

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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Ramesh Sharma holds a Ph.D. in Education in the area of Educational Technology and is currently working as an Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Learning Resources in the Educational Technology and Publishing (ETP) Unit at Wawasan Open University, Malaysia. He is an expert in open and distance and technology mediated learning and has served as a Visiting Professor at University of Fiji, Fiji; Commonwealth of Learning as Director of the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia, New Delhi; Indira Gandhi National Open University, India; and University of Guyana, Guyana, South America. He had been a member of Advisory Group on Human Resources Development for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). While at University of Guyana he also collaborated with UNDP for its Enhanced Public Trust, Security and Inclusion (EPTSI) project, Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) and United Nations Volunteer (UNV) to develop suitable educational opportunities for communities and youth. He is the co-Editor of the Asian Journal of Distance Education (ISSN 1347-9008, In addition, he has been associated with several peer reviewed journals as Reviewer, Editor and Editorial Advisory Board member in the field of Open and Distance Learning such as "Distance Education", International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL), International Journal of Distance Education Technologies (IJDET), and Indian Journal of Open Learning (IJOL). An author/editor of several books and research papers on educational technology, educational multimedia and eLearning, Dr. Sharma is a practitioner promoting Open Educational Resources (OER). He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board and an author for the Encyclopedia of Distance Learning (4 volumes), 2005. He has been a trainer and capacity builder in the field of educational technology, and has supervised doctoral research in the field. He has conducted workshops and evaluation activities for IGNOU, CEMCA, COL, UNCTAD, and Aga Khan Foundation, amongst others.
Sanjaya Mishra holds a Ph.D. in library and information science in the area of library networks. He has been a teacher of communication technology to distance educators. He has been involved in successful implementation of many multimedia and Internet based courses. With professional training in distance education, television production and multimedia, he is actively involved in collaboration at international level. At present, he is reader in distance education at the staff training and research institute of distance education, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. He also served (2001-2003) the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia at New Delhi as a programme officer, where he conducted a number of workshops on ‘multimedia’ and ‘e-learning’ in the Asian region. He has served as consultant to UNESCO, UN-ESCAP, World Bank and the Commonwealth of Learning. He was book review editor of Indian Journal of Open Learning from 1997-2000 and also edited few special issues of the same journal. He is author/editor of 10 books and has contributed more than 75 research papers in reputed professional journals. He is one of the founder editors of the Asian Journal of Distance Education. He co-edited the Idea Group Inc. publication Interactive Multimedia in Education and Training in 2005. He received the University Silver Medal for Best Research Paper for his work entitled ‘Roles and Competencies of Academic Counsellors in Distance Education’ published in Open Learning in 2005.